Is There Tobacco in Juul? Tobacco Vs Juul

Juul is a known brand among modern e-cigarette brands. But for a large part of e-cigarette users, the purpose is to control and gradually quit smoking. If you are also one of them, you have a huge concern about what ingredients your E-cigarette is containing.

Because, simply if your e-cigarette for example; Juul is containing tobacco, then there is no difference in turning from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

So, already you are clear that we will be talking about what Juul pods carry, whether they are harmful to the body or not, and a comparative discussion about E-Cigarettes.

Aren’t you thinking about we have been distracted from the main topic we started for? Absolutely No; What we were describing was highly relatable and necessary for you to understand it all. So,

Is There Tobacco in Juul?

is there any tobacco in Juul Pods

The answer is No!

Let’s explain why! From the beginning of this page, we have given a clear view of what Juul E-cigarettes contain and what they avoid in production. Also, the bad effects are explained in proper order.

If you look at the ingredient list, there is no sign of Tobacco or similar materials in Juul.

So, the cloud is clear about the tobacco existence in Juul.

Juul vape or pod products are completely free from tobacco and, They can be a good alternative for those who are trying to reduce or quit smoking. No need to pull a conclusion anymore, the explanation is sorted.

What does Juul Contain

In a basic Juul pod, the ingredients are as follows

  • Propylene Glycol

It is a liquid that is used for moisture preservation. It is also a good flavor keeper for a vape. In case it is helpful for the vapors production.

  • Glycerin

This is also a fact that helps make the vapors and smoke. But glycerin is added to the liquid as a balanced mix of Propylene alcohol.

  • Benzoic Acid

This is a commonly known preservation ingredient. It is used in the preservation process.

  • Nicotine

If you ask about the material that is vital in Juul products. In fact, in almost all e-cigarettes, the first material they carry is Nicotine. In your Juul cart, Nicotine remains the primary ingredient that works as an addictive maniac, that speeds up your blood pressure as well as the heart rate.

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Ingredients Avoided by Juul

You may be asking why this is important to know what the brand has avoided in the product. The answer is in the second line of the page. Health concern; If some necessary ingredient is avoided from the product, then it must be damaging to your health. But if some of the bad impacting materials are avoided? You know the answer.

We are talking about THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The very first reason why Juul avoids this material is, this is significantly psychoactive.

Hopefully, you know what Psychoactive means! It is a compound that works as mind-altering stimulation. Most of the time it makes an effect on the body as a high sensation.

Marijuana affects mind-altering and higher sensations. If your Juul is impacting your body just like marijuana, which you wanted to quit. This doesn’t make any sense and obviously goes beyond the motto of the customers.

That is a clear explanation of why Juul doesn’t use THC in their Pods.

Centers for Disease Control and presentation declared that using vaping products which contain THC, is the reason for around 2800+ lung injury issues. So, you can guess how harmful it is to contain THC and consume those on a regular basis.

Still, e-cigarettes have some common side effects on the body which you cannot ignore; Normally, these effects will be visible to you if you are even consuming a Juul dab device;

Side Effects from E-Cigarettes; Juul Included

Some common side effects, you may experience in the short or long term of use;

  • Breathing Shortness
  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth and tongue
  • Sore Throat
  • Dry Eyes
  • Coughing

Out of these impacts, so many people face nausea after years of use. It is proven that extreme levels of inner damage terms to the neurological imbalance of the body.

Reproductive and circulatory issues are very common as long-term issues. Even the lungs get damaged as well as raspatory issues occur.

So, taking e-vapes extremely is never recommended. And if you are of those who are planning to quit, you should never go beyond limits. Though these devices don’t carry some intense harmful materials in them, they can be harmful if you keep consuming them on a regular basis. Then, the purpose of your switching to e-cigs won’t actually make any sense.

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