Juul Blinking Blue – Causes and Troubleshooting

Your e-cigarette Juul is a pretty good device in the price bracket. But how would you feel if your newly bought vape device is showing some malfunctions? Absolutely this miserable feeling is experienced by some of the users.

We are straightly entering into the discussion we have targeted here. So, there work a few facts about your Juul Vape Device blinking.

You certainly need to know the nature and the color of the blinking. Why is it blinking? What is the meaning of the blinking? What is happening while Juul is blinking? The device is working or not? And how to fix and troubleshoot if there is a problem.

So, we will be finding out the answers to these questions through our further discussion. Let’s get started. The whole passage will be covered in a random order, so make sure you don’t miss any part.

Juul Blinking Blue Means

Well, as a generalized statement. When your Juul vape is blinking blue, it means it is warning you about system failure.

This can be from any source. Maybe the device is not working properly, maybe the battery is very low, and maybe there is any kind of hardware disturbance.

These can be the most probable reasons behind your Juul e-cigarette blinking blue. We shall be discussing this in detail in the bottom portion.

Juul blue light meaning

Flashing Scenario and Troubleshooting

As we have seen before, there can be certain different reasons for which the blinking may start. So, there could be different troubles that a user can face after the device starts blinking. And, obviously according to those troubles, one has to take steps to fix the blinking issue and any internal problems of the device.

To be noted that, sometimes the blue light is a minor device signal, which is pretty usual and not anything wrong. In that case, you have to find out the complete message and stop panicking.

Juul Is Blinking Blue 5 Times Continuously

The source in this case can be the JuulPod or the device itself.

Firstly, you have to remove the JuulPod from the device and then take some other JuulPod from some different devices. Make sure the one you are taking from the other devices, was working fine.

Now insert another JuulPod into the blinking device and check if there is any change in the nature of blinking or not.

  • If you find the blinking is changed after the different pod is inserted, then the problem is in the Pod. Most probably after you insert the other pod, you may find the device is blinking Yellow 5 times. If yes! You should be sure that the problem is in the JUULPod.
  • And in another case, when you insert another pod, the blue blinks remain the same. So, in this scenario, it is clear that a different JuulPod is not making any change to the problem, so, the issue is in the device itself.

So, you can take the device for a replacement.

Juul Is Blinking Blue 3 Times

When your device has more than 30 percent charge at least if your press the power button 3 times, your Juul device will start blinking blue 3 times.

You have to keep in mind that, this is not a malfunction. It is a general warning or you can say a notification of your Juul Device.

This means the device is activated with its medium power mode. This is just an output level for vaping. And those 3 times blinking just notifies you and nothing else.

A Broken or Cracked Part

An underrated reason that most users don’t take into concern is the crack problems. Your Juul Cart or e-cigarette goes through a moderate amount of pressure in your hands, pockets, etc. every day. So, being damaged in the body can be common.

But this damage or crack can increase significantly in day-to-day use. And as soon as it stops working the way it needs to do, it starts showing you blue blinking.

To fix it, take some electrical tape, and tightly fix the broken place so that it gets sealed. Also, Glue is a better option for it. You can fix the broken or cracked part properly with glue.

Broken Part Replacement with Metal Sheet

Basically, your Juul dab device is made to be sealed properly. But if your device has a crack and leaks air or liquids, the device will detect that it is not working properly and start blinking Blue.

In this situation, the most efficient way to fix it is to set up a metal sheet with the same thickness as the Juul body cover. It would stay like intact and there will be no leakage and working failure.

Once you have fixed the device with a metal sheet, check again, whether the blinking is stopped or not. Most probably the issue gets fixed here.

Juul is Blinking Blue and Not lighting Up

It can be for the dust clogged inside the battery post areas. Also, if the connections are not properly set, it would behave like this.

You can take a brush or something that reaches those locations and clean it properly. This will stop the blinking instantly.

Juul is Not Charging

In case Juul vape is not charging and blinking blue light continuously, the device may start blinking.

You need to clean the cart properly as like before. Firstly, the alcohol swab should be cleaned carefully. Sometimes even the problem starts from the charger. In that case, we would recommend getting a new charger for your device.

Also, if you wanna know how to charge your Juul device without the charger, read it carefully [charge juul without charger article link]

Some Basic Different Issues

  • If your Juul is blinking yellow, it notifies about medium battery life.
  • Green Blinking means the battery is almost full.
  • Sometimes, in rare cases, you may see Juul is not hitting properly with a continuous blinking sign.  Turn the device off and wait for 30 seconds. This will reset your Juul Vape Cart.

Won’t pull a longer conclusion. If you have read till now, you can take enough possible steps for your Juul blinking blue issues. And still, if the problem persists, we recommend talking to the nearest customer service for better suggestions and expert help.

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