How Dangerous Are Fake Puff Bars

Are you using fake puff bars for quite some time, but you always doubt how tolerable it is for your body? Almost all vapers think that vapes are not that harmful as they don’t contain nicotine or have less nicotine than cigarettes.

But some health-conscious people often try to find out How dangerous are fake puff bars? Their concern is right because almost all the vapers don’t know how much toxic the chemicals of their vapes are.

This toxicity may even lead the vapers to death! After reading this article, I am sure you will change your decision to use fake puff bars.

Fake puff bars are very harmful to your health because of the toxic chemicals used in vape juice. It even can lead a vaper to sudden death caused by a heart attack. Expert doctors in various hospitals in the United States of America confirmed that vape chemicals could cause breathing problems, headaches, and cardiac arrest. Fake puff bar manufacturers put extra chemicals to increase the density of the juice, and these chemicals are very destructive to your body.

Studies have shown that chemicals used in puff bars cause lung damage by increasing your body’s acidic level. The chemicals are responsible for reducing Oxygen in your blood system and rising carbon dioxide in your blood, resulting in acidosis.

How Dangerous Are Fake Puff Bars

Harmful Effects of Fake Puff Bars

I am pretty sure you will be horrified by seeing the list of harmful effects that fake puff bars can do on your body. Let’s just get into the list-

  • Coating of chemicals on alveolus
  • Lung damage from toxic chemicals
  • Creates a shortage of Oxygen in blood cells
  • Produces excessive Carbon Di Oxide in blood cells
  • It makes the body more acidic than the usual amount
  • Can cause cardiac arrest
  • Shortage of Breathing
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Coating of Chemicals on Alveolus

Chemicals used in making the juice of fake puff bars are often carcinogenic and contain aldehydes, volatile organic compounds, etc. These carcinogenic compounds become the reason for coating on alveolus. To make the juice more consistent, the manufacturers use these harmful organic compounds that create this coating.

Lung damage from toxic chemicals

Many people think vapes are not as harmful as cigarettes; they even believe that vaping can reduce their craving for cigarettes. Their beliefs are partly true as vaping can reduce your cigarette cravings, but it is equally harmful as cigarettes. Like nicotine, fake puff bar juice chemicals also slowly damage your lungs and can lead to lung cancer.

Creates a shortage of Oxygen in blood cells

As mentioned above, the chemicals used for increasing the juice’s consistency can create a coating on the alveolus, and it will become the reason for less Oxygen in the lungs. The alveolus is the tiny air sac of the lungs, which plays a vital role in exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide between the lungs and blood cells. So clearly, any damage created in the alveolus will reduce the oxygen supply in blood cells and organs.

Produces excessive Carbon Di Oxide in blood cells

As the coating of chemicals on the alveolus caused by puff bar’s chemicals reduces the oxygen supply in the blood cells, you can also present it in a vise versa way. And that if the alveolus can’t exchange Oxygen and Carbon dioxide between the lungs and blood cells, then excessive carbon dioxide will be present in blood cells.

fake puff bar health issues

It makes the body more acidic than the usual amount

The presence of carbon dioxide will cause the plasma to become acidic more than usual. The excessive presence of Carbon dioxide can create an acidic condition in the body called acidosis.

Can cause cardiac arrest

Lungs expert from various countries claims that usage of vaping can be the cause of heart attack. Cardiac Surgeon Lucian Durham said that he sometimes has patients who come to the hospital due to cardiac arrest and sometimes even need CPR to survive. But he claimed that these patients didn’t get into this situation by smoking nicotine; they got it from the vaping chemicals.

Shortage of Breathing

Shortage of breathing is a common problem for smokers of nicotine. But nowadays, vapers also have this issue and don’t even know the cause. They think fake puff bars are safe as they contain less nicotine, but little do they know the chemicals they inhale can be life-threatening.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

The acidic environment caused by the imbalance in the blood buffer system causes Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. The patients of this syndrome have a light head, a shortage of breathing and sometimes even heart attacks.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Fake puff bar and a Real Puff Bar

Honestly, nowadays, it is hard to tell if a puff bar is real or fake because the sellers do not usually disclose the fact of selling fake puff bars openly. So if you are planning to buy a vape machine, make sure you buy it from an authentic and trusted seller.

But if you want to figure out the difference between a fake puff bar and a real puff bar, then you have to open the inner materials of the vape along with the juice sack. Your puff bar may be fake if the juice sack is lighter than usual. But this is not a proven fact, so buying it from an authentic seller is safe.


Fake vape faqs

1. Can a  fake puff bar kill you?

Yes, a fake puff can lead you to death by damaging your lungs and the buffer system of your blood. As the juice of a fake puff bar contains toxic chemicals, it is usual for the body’s organs to get damaged by this.

2. Do fake puff bars have nicotine?

It depends on the liquid you choose from your seller or distributor of vape machines. If you choose a liquid with 0% nicotine, the fake puff will be nicotine-free. But if you choose a flavor with a small percentage of nicotine, the bars will have nicotine in them.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you are familiar with the side effects of inhaling juice from fake puff bars and know the difference between the real and fake ones. I am sure now you understand How dangerous fake puff bars are. So stop inhaling fake puff bars before it is too late for your organs, especially the lungs. So be careful before buying an e-cigarette because you may get scammed by having a fake puff bar!

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