Symptoms of Fake Vape – Ways to Identify Fake Cartridges

Cannabis culture is highly popular and this segment is making vape cartridges more demanded in the market. Day by day, the demand for vape cartridges is increasing, and the tendency for fake products in the market is also increasing.

Actually, what happens is that the market gets concentrated through specific products. And some spammers make a cheaper copy of those and distribute those claiming the genuine one.

Same for the vape cartridges right now. But the impact of fake cannabis vapes is not just as usual as some other products. Vapes are a smoking-based product and if it doesn’t have the right quality, they may be harmful. 

In case the vape cartridges are not tested properly before distributing to the market, it may be highly damaging to the lungs of the one who takes it regularly. Regular taking of lower graded and under-processed quality vape cartridges may make serious damage to the lungs. So, understanding which is genuine and which vape is fake before buying is absolutely important.

So, that’s what we are gonna dig deeper into today! How to distinguish between real and fake vape cartridges.

How To Spot Fake Vape Cartridges: Symptoms of Fake Vape

Symptoms of Fake Vape

We can describe a few obvious ways to spot a fake cartridge before buying.

Identify the Brand

Actually, when you are buying a vape cartridge from a local shop. You first need to confirm which brand the product is from. If this is from a well-known brand, then it can be relied on.

Often the products from brands which has a proper authentication facility cannot be a victim of fake products. But not sure about it all the time. 

Most of the time we see, the products which are common and with a mid-level price becomes the highest victim of these copy scams. They are the easier target for scammers because no one emphasizes finding out the authenticity of these products and the brands don’t take any steps for these mid-budget products either. Some for even negative publicities.

But the crucial truth is identifying is not easier always. The brands which are actually higher range can be victims too. Maybe you are gonna buy one from a very known but if the product is fake, you don’t have a way you can check if the vape is real or fake. 

How to check the authenticity, we will be discussing below.

Check Product Authenticity

Check Product Authenticity

While you are buying a disposable vape cartridge, you may have confused about if it is fake or real. To be clear, check their website. Most of the known brands keep an authentication platform on their website, where you can check the new product’s authenticity with the hidden code, scratch, or any similar ways.

Sometimes authentication services fail. In that case, it is pretty rare and frustrating. There is nothing you can do about it.

Buy From Trusted Dealers and Vendors

Buy From Trusted Dealers and Vendors

This is the point where lies some uncertain confusion. The dealers or distributors buy products from either the main company or any third-party providers.

When the dealer or vendor is buying from the main company, there is no risk of having a fake product. But sometimes when the vape cartridges are bought from third-party providers, there remains a huge risk if the product is a copy.

Some distributors mix up some fake products with genuine ones and then send them to the outlets. When one of those products is in your hand, you can be a bit confused about if this is fake or real.

The easiest way to get confirmed is by checking the authenticity online.

Knowing the Brand

Knowing the brand is important to distinguish between real and fake product outlooks. So many times, the look of the outer side of the fake vape cartridges are bit different from the real ones.

Suppose you have been using a genuine vape cartridge from a brand for a longer time. You have an idea about the color, pattern, font, and outlook of it.

Whenever you are gonna get a new one, if there is any difference in the look, you will notice that in a second.

Also, sometimes some fake vape products are named after some popular brands just replacing one or two words from the design. 

To catch this fraud, you must know the brand and know the look of it properly.

Packaging Quality and Details

Packaging quality matters a lot. A genuine and good branded vape cartridge contains;

  • Manufacturing Date
  • Batch number
  • Govt obligation and warning
  • UID Number
  • Instruction or Manual
  • Expiration Date

The product should be intact and sealed properly. There are many fraudulent business places that take genuine covers and fill them up with fake products.

We would suggest you not take the product if the seal is broken and is not intact anymore.

Check Ingredients

Check Ingredients

It is essential to know what are ingredients included in the disposable vape you are smoking every day. If it contains some irrelevant and harmful chemicals, it would make a huge impact on you right now or in a few or longer days.

And as you are arguing about real and fake. On fake products, often there are some inconveniences found in the listing of ingredients. Do check this out before you buy one.

Wise Pricing

Often, we fall into problems online or offline while buying vapes and similar products at a very low price. You have to keep in mind that, the product is officially sold at $20, If a provider is selling it at only $2-$4 there is certainly something fishy. 

We should avoid this kinda offers ad products that seem fake for sure.

Buying Online

While buying online from amazon and similar platforms, one should know the product and its brand properly. From the provider you are buying the vape, you should be aware of the brand and its quality.

Also, the price, so that we don’t get fooled by the price or fancy fake product.

Actually, if you have bought a fake vape cartridge, it is too tough to distinguish without having the taste. People don’t notice the small details of it on a regular basis. 

If you have bought one, there is a big chance that you may find a difference in the taste and smell. The fake vape cartridge won’t give you a premium vibe like the genuine one. 

People have controversies about, whether fake cartridges will kill you or make huge side effects or not. 

Maybe you won’t die from the fake vape cartridges, but this fake dab pen will impact your body a lot. Fake disposable vapes make a certain wrong impression about that product and the real brand by affecting your taste and health together. Fake vape pens are dangerous.

But if you have a clear concept about what we described till now, you won’t get into confusion about real and fake disposable vape cartridges.

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