Friendly Farms Carts Real Vs Fake

Amongst the market of highly increasing demand for vape cartridge products, Friendly farms is a very familiar name. But as we have discussed before, the most demanded products in the market become the most victim of fake and copied products.

And similarly, the friendly farm’s vape products got a large scale of third-party copy and fake products in the local market along with online platforms. The fact is, using a fake and nontested vape cartridge product may harm your body significantly in the near or far future.

That’s why it is always recommended to use authentic vapes from certified brands.

And amongst these fake products, how are you going to distinguish between Fake and real Friendly Farms Cart while buying one?

Friendly Farms Carts Real Vs Fake

Friendly Farms Carts Real Vs Fake

Actually, identification for the fake carts is not some assigned way that you just try and find which one is real and which is not. The scammers keep producing fake products with different strategies as this is their business. And that is the reason you should be updated with recent product ideas so that, in the future, you can prevent the newer traps of fake vape carts.

To spot the differences between the real and fake Family Farms Cartridges;

The Packaging

The very first thing you notice while buying a product is its packaging. It is very common to find counterfeit products online.

Online platforms for buying products are being specifically famous. In this era, there is a large scale of sellers, who just make fake products and sell those claiming real.

When the product is in your hand, you already paid for it. There is no way for returning it and watching the custom packaging and cover of the product you are spectating a huge difference. Thus you are sure that the cart is fake but you have nothing to do about it.

Even when you are buying the friendly farms cart from roadside local shops there are risks too. To be noted, the boxing of the friendly farm’s vape cart is a sign that the product is real. But often roadside vendors take used genuine covers and then fill those with fake and counterfeit products. 

This is a scary situation that, you are watching that the product boxing or packaging is completely genuine and still there is a risk that the product can be fake.

Still, you can focus on a few things that may assure the cart is genuine;

  • Friendly Farms Logo (Should never be glossy, it must be matt toned)
  • Fake boxes most of the time carry fake ID numbers and dates. O need to keep an eye on it.

Oil Color

After noticing the packaging, the second thing you need to find out is the liquid color. Your friendly Farm vape cart liquids have some specific colors. If you see the color is almost clear or transparent, there is a huge risk that the product is fake.

The recommended color of friendly farm cartridges is amber and sometimes rich yellow.

The brand name in genuine products is placed in printed format which most of the fake products miss while production.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that if you find the cartridge has its brand name vertically from top to bottom of the pot. It is pretty sure that the product is not real.

The brand has its symbolization of logo and colors. If there is differences in the product you are going to buy, certainly this one is fake.

Integrated Lab Results

Integrated Lab Results

For dab pens or vape cartridges, lab results are very common because vulnerable ingredients can literally kill you sometimes.

Foreach genuine Friendly Farms vape cartridge, there is a printed lab result with it as the sign of authenticity. If your unit doesn’t have one. We recommend backing off from the product, that’s certainly a fake one. 

In case you have even surveyed your product online and found no result, the cart is probably fake.

Wrong Ingredients

We discussed at the very beginning of the page that, fake vape carts contain ingredients that may harm your body, and sometimes the damage is actually severe. The fact is absolutely similar to your Friendly Farm Vape Carts. If you have bought one which is not genuine. You don’t have any idea whether the fake cart contains some vulnerable ingredient or not.

As fake products are never tested properly, they can certainly contain harmful chemicals that may hurt and damage your body in the near or far future. 

According to international lab standards, if one cart contains THC less than 60 percent, will be considered harmful.

The providers who are making the fake products absolutely don’t have some advanced lab in their arena. So, proper experimentation with the product is impossible for them. So, keeping the THC level under 60 percent is almost incapable stuff for them. That’s the reason you would get a fake Friendly farm vape cart at almost lower than its half price.

License Factors

Just like the lab reports, the license certification is more vital. Any of the authentic friendly farm carts would have a license paper with the product which includes paper works about the authentication of the product. 

If the product is bought from a dispensary that is not registered by the brand itself, have a risk that the product can be without a license and fake one.

For cartridges, there are laws that assure the product is authentic and safe for health. So, if the license is not available with it, you should have a warning about the fake product. 

Unusual Price

Each of the Friendly Farm Carts has a base price which you can check from their websites or authentic dispensaries. Sometimes, some providers can buy those at an offer price and sell them at a bit lower price which can attract a large number of customers.

But suppose the price of Friendly Farm cannabis product is around 57 USD. Maybe some provider can sell this with an offer of 40 to 50 USD. But if it is offering you a price of 10-15 USD, you have to be sure that the product must be fake and there is something wrong with it.

In this end, we got to convey a few words to you. Some of the users are even making the fake Friendly Farm Carts famous. Actually, you cannot call them users, can be called paid promoters instead. The local fake product scammers hire some local person for civil marketing anonymously, which is a strategic technique. And they spread everywhere that the products are real and buying those is an ultimate win.

But ultimately fake friendly farms cart can damage your lungs, body, and even sometimes more internally. They are never good and makes damage you in the near or far future. 

We have shown you the easiest ways by which you can identify whether the friendly farm’s product is fake or real and get the authentic one for you confidently. Hope you won’t fall into trouble regarding this anymore.

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