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Bill TaylorHello world, I am Bill Taylor and I am the founder of MediaElites Blog.

When I was a kid I had a dream. My dream was to establish a community and help those indeed. After graduating from my Engineering (Electrical) Department I have done 9 to 5 jobs to different multinational companies.

After some years I found myself I was becoming a working robot. I was waiting for the tasks and I was responsible to complete the given jobs. I was just killing myself under heavy files and assignments.

I quit my job since last year (2018) and started spending time with family and friends. I helped local folks with their studies and university assignments. They always appreciated me and pushed me to build an online resource for them.

Then I decided to create a blog. I researched for several months, watched tons of videos on YouTube and made notes from Googles on How to build a blog from scratch.

I just launched a blog and planning to grow my blog to help others like my friends.

I don’t write often, but when I do I want to provide value and help my readers.

Stay connected with me. Follow my blog for the latest articles and guides.

Bill Taylor
Founder, MediaElites.com

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