SMOK Novo 2 Not Hitting or Working – Troubleshooting

It is said that SMOK is ruling the market of refillable pod vapes.  Since 2010, they are manufacturing a versatile variety of e-liquid and pod systems for vapers, Vapers of every style. The brand is running on their Second Generation of Pod vapes.

And, the Novo series is absolutely taking a lead.

SMOK Novo 2 is the latest in SMOK’s Draw Activated Pod System Lineup.

Now straight jump into some major and minor troubleshoots of this specific lineup because we know previously, Electric gadgets can be damaged with time.

We will divide the troubleshoot session into two chapters;

  1. Functional Component Damage Issue
  2. Charging Issues

Problem: SMOK Novo 2 Not Hitting

SMOK Novo 2 Not Hitting

Solution: Functional Component Damage Issue

What if Your SMOK Novo 2 isn’t hitting? The most obvious reason could be its lower charge. It’s recommended to Charge it Full before you vape.

And if you are confident about your battery is not dead,

Remove The Pod> Clean the spilled liquid with tissues> Try hitting again

If even this doesn’t work try getting a new pod.

Gurgling Sound from SMOK Novo 2.

When you are using too much air pressure through your device. The excess pressure drives the liquid through the atomizer coil and chimney. This makes a sound like gurgling.

Using decent air pressure is highly recommended for these devices. So many users think, giving higher air pressure may produce more smoke which is a completely wrong concept. If you actually want a higher amount of clouds, you gotta replace your pod with a bigger one.

Pod Leaking

When the user is inhaling too firmly, the extra e-liquid may stay in the pod’s chimney and this will leak the atomizer coil from the bottom. In case of spotting a leak under the atomizer, try cleaning it with a tissue.

The thing to keep in mind is, overfilling your pod leak it. Leave a slight gap on the top while filling. This will save the pod from leakages. Otherwise, excess liquid will overflow through the micro vents.

smok novo 2 filling problem

If your SMOK Novo 2 is not lighting up, And you are noticing some LED Blinking.

If it blinks blue, there is a disruption in the functional area of your device. So, this needs a cleanup. Open the device and clean up if there is any dust, liquid, or else.

Most of the time-continuous blinking happens because of some manufacturer issues. Can be a problem in the factory program or algorithm. But if it is blinking for few times, then there is a problem that may be capable of solving. You just open it up as said before and clean the pod area, if there is any spilled liquid around. Recommended to keep it in the open air for 5-6 minutes, so that it gets dried.

Novo does Not recognize the pod

This is possible if there is some kind of interruption between the battery and the connector or there can be a coil short circuit.

The connector area of the pod often gets decayed after long use, or because of repeatedly opening the pod.

There are two solutions that you can apply here, firstly take 99% alcohol, on some tissue or cotton bud and rub the connector area. If this doesn’t work, try having a new pod secondly.

If even this doesn’t work, there must be a disturbance in the connection. Try to figure that out.

SMOK Novo Has No Smoke.

Make sure your device battery is not completely drained. “No Smoke” Problem often occurs when the device doesn’t have enough charge to hit up anymore, or There is not sufficient liquid to make the smoke as well.

Figure out the problem, there is a certain possibility that, you will need to change the atomizer coil (If you find the coil-over flooded). You can also expose it to some open-air to make it dry properly.

No Airflow Issue.

In continuous usage, there can be a blockage in the airflow canal. If you find this issue, just go through these steps:

  • Remove the pod from its body with a screwdriver
  • Try a knife or any tool that can reach the airflow canal at the bottom and Clear it up
  • Make sure you are not giving any extra pressure that creates damage
  • After You are done, close the pod in place and tighten the screws

This will fix it up

If Your SMOK Novo shows No Light

In most cases, this problem is just a malfunction of the charge. Check if your battery is dead. If yes, Put it on charge.

If there are any connection issues, try to fix that on your own, because, these may not be too complex to troubleshoot. And that’s it! You are done.

SMOK Novo Blinking Issue,

Here one user can be in two incidents according to SMOK’s official troubleshoots:

  1. If the device detects any sort of Short Circuit, It blinks 4 times and automatically gets shut down to save the board.
  2. Secondly blinking 15 times and then shutting the device down is low voltage protection. When the battery capacity goes below 3.3 Volts, it may occur.
smok novo 2 not working

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Now let’s have a straight jump through the second chapter.

Chapter 2 – Charging Issues – Smok Novo not working

Charging issues are very minor and common in electronic devices in the long term of uses. And similarly, in the SMOK Novo series, users have the possibility to face charging issues. Though charging issues are common, their fixes can be complex sometimes. Rolling to minor issues first,

  • When the device is not taking charge, first of all, check the Power Source.  So many times, the main power source doesn’t deliver the assigned voltage and the device refuses to take charge. Even it’s possible that the power source is not giving any current.
  • Next Comes the Charging Brick.  Bricks can be damaged by the overvoltage from the main source, Overflow of electricity, sparks, or short circuits as well. In several incidents areas, The bricks even get burnt internally for the overflow or short circuits. And a burnt brick won’t give you any service, right? Better Check the brick on some other device. If it’s gone, Get a new brick and there will be no charging issue anymore.
  • If there is no issue till now, Go for The Charging Cable, In case if your cable is bent or stretched beyond its limit and its cores are terribly torn. You are trying to charge your device with this cable, which is even harmful to your device. Try to figure out if the cable is actually broken. If it is, Go and get a cable (Authentic One Highly Recommended). That’s it.
  • And Finally, in The Charging Port, there can be dust, sand, sweat in the charging port. These obstacles certainly can interrupt your device’s charging. Take a toothpick or anything that is used to reach the ports and inside and clean the port gently. Perform carefully until any sort of dirt is visible. Blow some force of air and done. This will fix it hopefully.

Now, talking about Complexity from charging issues are all about the IC or motherboard whatever you say.

  • Overvoltage, extreme current flow than the recommendations of the device, or Lower voltage as well can be vulnerable to the IC. If the IC is gone, the device is completely dead. Now it won’t take charge, no bootup or any lights or signals. The only way to troubleshoot this is to take your SMOK Novo 2 to the Authentic service center of SMOK and replace the IC.  (But in case, you don’t have the product warranty and the new IC is going to cost too much, you better have a new device instead)
smok novo 2 troubleshooting

Rolling down to the Conclusion, There are 7 known models of SMOK Novo in the market. What if you’ve bought any of those but Novo 2. The question is if the fix and troubleshoots are compatible with any other vapes from SMOK Novo or not? The Answer is A BIG YES.

The troubleshoots you’ve been looking at till now are compatible with any of those SMOK Novo Devices and You can apply in appropriate conditions anytime. No need to look around for exact same device names because they all are functionally very much similar and you can apply these fixes to them all.

Not gonna make it lengthy anymore, Finally, using carelessly may occur several damages to devices. Even gentle users may also become a victim. Some issues are fixable some are not. So, run your things gently, take proper care and if it’s been so long you are been using your SMOK Novo and that’s creating enormous troubles nowadays, Try getting a newer one. Cause, No electronic device is permanent, we know.

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