OOZE Pen Blinking Green – Identify Problems

Ooze pen is renowned for making top-quality vape pens, and it’s a popular choice among vapers. If you are a regular Ooze vape pen user, you should be well accustomed to its functions and features.

To turn the vape pen ON or OFF, you need five clicks, and three clicks on the power button will let you alter the temperature settings. Also, two clicks will start the preheat mode. Each time you press the button on your Ooze pen, it will become green.

But, if you see your ooze pen blinking green without clicks, then something is wrong inside it, and you need to fix it. So how to fix it? You can fix your ooze pen very quickly by yourself by following a few simple steps, and today we will help you to fix your ooze pen flashing issues.

why my OOZE pen is blinking green

Ooze pen blinking green – How to troubleshoot the problems

Ooze pen can blink green without clicking for many reasons, and it can be the reason for the ooze pen not working. Ooze produces many different models of Vape pens, including slim twist pro, Ooze fusion, and many more. But no matter what model you use, you can find the ooze pen blinking green problem in all of their devices.

The probable reasons are as follows

  • You got a damaged unit.
  • There’s a problem with the battery connection
  • The battery needs charging
OOZE pen blinking green

How to turn on ooze pen

To turn on the Ooze pen, hit the button five times rapidly, without waiting between clicks, in two seconds. Pressing the button will activate a light surrounding the button and power the atomizer if your battery is on. When the button is pushed when the battery is off, nothing happens.

How to charge ooze pen

You can charge your Ooze pen with the Ooze USB charger. You will get the fastest charging by plugging the charger into a wall unit. Please be aware that charging your vape pen overnight may cause internal harm.

Remember not to start vaping at the highest voltage right after turning on your vape pen. Start with the lowest voltage, 3.3V, then work your way up to 3.8V if you don’t get enough of an impact.

Why is my Ooze Pen blinking green light?

Below, we will look into the probable reasons for your vape pen to blink green light 10-15 times, 3 times, and 4-5 times. Depending on the amount of light blinking, the reason can vary.

Ooze Pen blinking 3 times

If you see your ooze battery blinking green 3 times, there can be a short circuit issue. Most typical e-cigarette batteries contain short circuit protection, which means that if there is a short circuit and when you hit the fire button, it will blink three times and then do nothing. If there is a short circuit issue, you will see that pen is not working–not charging–won’t charge.

Solution: Unfortunately, you cannot solve the short circuit issue by yourself; you will need to contact a professional technician. But, in most cases, you might need to get a new vape pen.

OOZE pen blinking 10 times

Ooze Pen blinking 4-5 times

Sometimes, when you see your ooze pen beeping 4-5 times, there can be connection issues which mean the touchless battery not hitting the connection properly. Connection issues happen due to three main reasons.

  • Irregular size Cartridge
  • Leaking Cartridge
  • Distorted coils


  • Varying size cartridge: When you find out that you cartridge size is bigger or smaller than the one required, You’ll need to tighten or loosen the connections until you find the perfect spot.

    You also might need to change the cartridge brand, if the cartridge still continues to be loose and doesn’t connect properly with the 510 threaded battery.
  • Leaking Cartridge:  Many pre-filled cartridges leak due to the nature of vape pens. Sadly, even a tiny amount of leaking might prevent the oil cartridge from connecting correctly to your battery. Fortunately, you can apply a few techniques to repair the connection.

    You will need to clean the region just between the battery and cartridge connection. The most effective way of cleaning this is by using some rubbing alcohol and Q-Tip. Before reassembling them, make sure each component is completely dry.
  • Deformed Coil: If the coil is distorted, the vape pen will not preheat because the battery will not sync up with the heat source. Use a new cartridge to see if this is the problem.

    Take any of your previous cartridges and, presuming that they are in good working order, the new cartridge is the root of the problem. However, if the problem still remains, the main problem source is somewhere else.

Ooze Pen flashing 10-15 times

The Ooze Vape battery died and needs to be charged, which is one of the most common reasons it blinks green. When the battery in your Ooze vaporizer runs out, it will generally flash green 10-15 times.

Solution: Begin by connecting it to the charger. Your pen is dead if the pen lights up green and the charger lights up red. The charger light will turn green, and the pen light will turn off when your pen has reached full charge, indicating that your pen is ready to use with the entire battery life.

If your vape pen still doesn’t work, then you need to check for other issues.

OOZE pen blinking 20 times

Ooze pen blinking 20 times

Even though today we are talking about the Ooze pen, the Dab pen is another vape pen that can have similar issues of flashing green lights. The ooze pen blinking 20 times suggests that the Power Supply has to be recharged, the vaporizer will no longer activate.

Solution: All you need to do is recharge the disposable vape pen for the blinking to stop. The pen is fully charged if you plug it into an active USB port or wall adapter, and the LED doesn’t light up. The LED will flash 20 times and turn off when the pen has a full charge.

Why does my ooze pen keep flashing green after charging

A problematic battery is frequently to blame. The battery will not be able to charge fully if it is screwed incorrectly, and the indicator light will continue to blink green. Detach the battery and reinstall it to ensure that everything is securely attached to resolve this issue.

Your Ooze battery might also be irreversibly destroyed. When they indicate, they are wholly charged but aren’t operating, and it suggests they’re actually at zero charges and can’t hold it. If they appear to charge the battery fully in a very short time, that’s a sign. That wouldn’t be possible with a functioning battery.

ooze pen flashing problems

How long does the Ooze pen take to charge?

You can fully charge the Ooze pen battery within 1-2 hours.

How do you know when the ooze battery is charged?

When your vape battery is charging, you will see that the Smart USB Charger from Ooze will become red, As soon as the charge is complete, this red color will turn into green, and the light in the battery light will turn off when your pen battery becomes fully charged.

How long do Ooze pens take to heat up?

To activate the 15-second warmup, push the button twice quickly while the battery is turned on. When using an atomizer for wax with an Ooze battery, we recommend utilizing Preheat Mode. This will warm up your concentration, preparing it for use. Allow one entire cycle to pass before taking your hit.

Why is my cart making my battery blink?

A faulty battery is frequently to blame. The battery will not be able to fully charge if it is not screwed in properly, and the indicator light will continue to flicker. Detach the battery and reinstall it to ensure that everything is securely attached to resolve this issue.

ooze pen charging problems


You must read the Ooze vape pen instructions carefully before using this product. Whether you are using; e-cig, e-cigarette weed pen, or any other vaporizer, the ooze pen blinking green is a common problem.

But, there is no need to worry as you technically do not need to buy a new vape pen yet. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps, and you will be able to get the ooze pen not working to a working state in no time.

SO, make sure to follow our guide step by step if you want to get saved from the trouble of spending money on a new vaporizer.

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