Ooze cartridge Guide – Everything you need to know

Cartridge! Basically, some small containers, placed inside the vape pens. It is covered with a heating element. On the top, it has the mouthpiece of the vape.

Inside a cartridge, cannabis concentrate is stored as the vaping liquid.

People often confuse between the cartridge and the pen’s chamber. Though the cartridge is completely a separate and vital organ of your vape pen which is situated inside your vape.

Here will be giving you a brief about how cartridges work and what are their functionalities. How to choose a proper cartridge for your vape pen as well.

We shall be categorizing the session into three specific criteria:

  1. Spec Analysis
  2. Refilling
  3. Buying Stations

So, without further delay, let’s get started

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Ooze cartridge Guide in 2022

Ooze cartridge Guide

Spec Analysis of Your Ooze Cartridge

Reviewing the specs of your Ooze Vape Pens You will find these key specs as

  • Internal 320 mAh Battery
  • Adjustable Voltage: 3.3v – 4.8v
  • 510 Thread Compatibility
  • Preheat Mode 
  • USB Smart Charger with Smart USB Rapid Charge 
  • Auto Safety Shut off 

We will be discussing the specs which are connected with cartridge functionalities.  We can find there are three things that interact with your cartridge as we underlined above.

Voltage Range

ooze pen voltage facts

First comes the Voltage range. The Voltage compatibility of your Ooze Vape pen is from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts. So, with the cartridge you will be using, you have the compatibility of taking this voltage range.

If you use a cartridge that can not take the voltage of 3.3 to 4.8 volts, may create extra heat in the cartridge connection. Because when you are hitting your vape, the extra voltage will be terminated into heat and sparks. The cartridges may be fried up by that overheating.

But most often when you start from 3.3 volts the heating issue won’t be visible. You will find it out as soon as you go up to higher voltages that the cartridge cannot take. Hat would surely behave as over-voltage and meantime overheat from it may damage the connections of cartridge, functionalities, the circuit board a well.

That’s the reason we recommended starting vaping from the lower voltage for device safety in the How to use Ooze Vape Pen “article.

Preheat Mode

Preheat mode is basically a function that lets you vape for 15 continuous seconds without pressing any button. This is an advanced feature that knocks your vape cartridge to be ready on the go for a 15-second flow.

You should have a question, why do you need a compatible cartridge for this feature? The answer is, Not all cartridges have the capabilities to operate in a more preheated state. Pressure for a continuous period of time goes through it. If the cartridge is not compatible, or incapable of taking the pressure, it can start leaking the fuel. In worse situations, they may blast too.

So, it must be needed to take a cartridge that allows you to use preheat feature on your Ooze vape pen.

And the good news is, that most of the cartridges you find in the market are compatible with your preheat modes of Ooze vapes. You just need to be careful that you don’t buy one from those exceptions.

Ooze pen

510 Thread Compatibility

For choosing a cartridge perfect for your ooze vape pen, the most inevitable fact is the thread compatibility.

We noticed in the specs, the pens are 510 thread compatible. And you gotta keep in mind that the cartridge you will be using must be 510 thread compatible.

Firstly, What is 510 thread compatibility?

Generally, this is a measurement that takes place for battery and cartridge connections. Most of the cartridges in the market are compatible with 510 threading.

The fact is, if you get a cartridge on your Ooze vape which is not compatible with 510 threads, it won’t be set with your vape pen. Even if it sets barely, there will be leakage of air pressure and even liquids.

So, it is always recommended to have a cartridge that is compatible with your 510 thread compatibility. Otherwise, you may face issues right now. In long run as well.

We’ve gone so far discussing the good and bad sides of Ooze vape cartridge compatibilities on behalf of specs. Now let’s roll to some externals,

Refill Your Vape Cartridge

Refilling the cartridge is a very frequent job for a vape user of any brand. So, for the Ooze users.

Basically, refilling the cartridge is kind of a similar procedure in most brands. Though differs in a few brands.

Whatever to refill the cartridge you must need a syringe for injecting the fuel and then:

Choose the Liquid

Starting to refill your vape, first choose the liquid you want. There are a variety of different liquids in the market with a vast number of flavors. Even you can create a custom flavor by mixing different flavors together. But, be sure about what you are doing. Harsh mixtures may give you a bad experience and impression in the long turn.

So, it is highly recommended to get liquids from renowned brands which won’t harm you in the future such as Apollo E-Liquids, JAC Vapour UK Made E-Liquid, V2 Platinum E-Liquid, Black Note, and similars.

Also, if you are making a mixture, try to be decent about your health.

Remove The Mouthpiece

Opening the cartridge up, twist the mouth clockwise so that it gets detached completely. When it is done, put it in a safe place. Make sure you don’t lose it.

Clean And Refill the Cartridge

If you find some existing liquid then clean it. Otherwise, it would mix up with the new flavor you are gonna use. Whatever after it is clean, refill your liquid with a syringe. Try to avoid spilling.

 Whatever, keep in mind that most of the cartridges are capable of 1.5 or 0.5 grams of e-liquid capacity.

Place the Mouthpiece Back

After the previous procedures, just set up the mouthpiece back in its place and it is done. Do not give extra pressure while twisting. That may damage the threads.

Next, Comes a certain question about where to buy a new cartridge? Well, the answer is complex.

Where to Buy Cartridges for Ooze

As you already know most of the cartridges are compatible with ooze dab pens. So, you just need to check the compatibility once and get the cartridge. Too easy!

Go to a local vape or Smoke accessories shop, highly recommended to go to Ooze authentic shops for its products. Even you can find it on various online platforms such as oozelife.com, lightrusa.com, amazon.com, etc.

Whatever, These are probably the main fact you had to know about Ooze Vape pen cartridges. You know the basic ideas and instructions about it as a whole. Which makes you not fall into any major and minor troubles with Ooze cartridges in the future.

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