How To Charge a Hyde Vape? Here is How You Can Do It

If you don’t know what is a Hyde Vape? Then,

In case you are someone who prefers some hassle-free vaping experience unlike classic cigarettes, you should certainly check out Hyde Vape Pens. This can provide up to the mark vaping experience and less hassles.

The very first motive for what we are talking about here is, how to charge a Hyde vape. Regarding this topic, we have to let you know that there are models of Hyde in the market; such as Hyde mini, X 3000, Edge Recharge, N Bar, Mag, Rebel Pro, and IQ.

Functionally the devices are the same, so the charging process on each model is similar. You can apply the same techniques to all of those.

How to Charge Your Hyde Vape

How To Charge a Hyde Vape

Well, charging the device is important because it is running smooth and you can rely on it for more couple of days without any issue. So, this is how you can charge the device;

With the Wall Adapter

Though this is not a primary process. When you have no access to your USB charger, you can try the wall-mounted adapter which may work fine.

USB Charger

USB chargers are the most common and universal way of charging your Hyde devices. Like all other common charging devices, you will find USB charging easier for your Hyde Vape cart.

These are pretty much the usual ways, but if you are looking for how to Recharge a Hyde Edge? Then you gotta look at these steps below;

  1. Holding your Hyde edge, twist the front side of the vape until it comes out easily.
  2. Now you have to twist the bottom side of the vape with piler or similar tool. Note that, you need to pressurize it in the opposite direction. You are gonna hear a crack sound, and you can remove the back now.
  3. Take the puff battery out now with any sharp object.
  4. Now take a working USB cable, cut the plastic cover, open the two cables, and expose their cores.
  5. Now take the puff battery you pulled out before, and now place the red wire of the battery to the first wire of the USB cable. And the second wire should be in the black wire of the battery.
  6. Hyde battery takes usually around 8 minutes to be charged fully. We don’t recommend putting it on charge and extra voltage for a longer time.
  7. Once you are done will all the steps, you can now assemble the device again. Because the battery is completely charged.

Now, you may be asking;

The Benefits of Using Hyde Vape?

If you wanna have great cannabis experiences even without an external charger, Hyde Vapes or dab pens are exclusively for you. Let’s talk about the benefits;

  • It is simply easier like just plug and vape.
  • Affordable and hassle-free.
  • You can take it wherever you want. Much more portable than usual ones.

How Long Hyde Takes to Charge Full?

There are few confusions in this term because there are different models of Hyde in the market, and different models have different battery capacities, so the charging time would also differ from device to device.

But in common, it takes 8 minutes to charge a Hyde vape. Hyde recharge takes 30 minutes to full charge. Some models of Hyde may take 3 to 5 minutes to charge it full.


Still, a few things that you need to keep in mind while you are applying your Hyde Disposable Vape recharging procedures;

  • If the device or battery gets unusually hot while charging, stop it instantly. There may be some disturbances in charging. Probably higher voltage, sparks, and similar issues. If you don’t stop charging instantly, it may result into an explosion.
  • If you know that the source you are using is providing higher voltage, do not use that. It may damage the battery and may become the reason to an explosion.
  • You need to follow instructions properly. A wrong connection in the wires can be deadly.

But while people are looking for solutions to their Hyde Disposable Vape Charging, they ask for some more questions as these FAQs;


Can someone hit the Hyde while charging?

The answer is NO. Firstly your disposable vapes are never made for charging. You can use it as long as the battery is alive. If you manage to charge it somehow by opening the battery out, you cannot hit this while charging.

How do I know the vape pen is over?

If you are getting a burnt flavour from your vape each of the times, you gotta be sure that your Hyde vape is done.

How long a Hyde Vape cartridge last?

A basic Hyde vape comes with 5% addictive nicotine and 1.8ml e-juice. This can make around 4000 puffs. So, that’s the lifetime of Hyde disposable vape.

How many times you can recharge your Hyde?

A disposable vape is not made for recharging. So, you cannot generally recharge it.

Why Hyde is blinking while it has e-juice inside?

Maybe the battery is low.

Why Hyde is hitting by itself?

If the draw activation sensor gets malfunctions, this issue may start.

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