How To Fix a Burnt Coil in A Disposable Vape

Simply, think you have got one of the best vapes on the market for you. The one can be Vuse, Hyde, Runtz, Glow, etc.  You were having a really good vaping experience from the product but suddenly your vape starts tasting burnt. You may be wondering why your new product would smell burnt to your lungs.

The most probable reason may be the Vape Coil is burnt. But, don’t panic. The issue is not that vital and we will be showing you how to get rid the of burnt taste in a Disposable Vape.

But you should ask,

How You Can Know If the Coil Is Burnt?

Very firstly, you can have a burnt taste and smell while vaping. That indicates that the coil is burnt for sure.

A burnt coil basically looks very similar to the normal one. But when you look inside, you may find it damaged inside visibly. Also, some burnt edges can assure you about the coil is burnt.

Now the possible question is whether the burnt coil can be replaced. The answer is kind of confusing. If you are using a disposable vape or e-cigarette, then changing the coil may be a bit complex. But in the other cases, changing the coil is very much a company-provided feature. We are gonna talk about how you can fix the coil of your disposable vape; let’s get started.

And another good thing for you is, with some simple steps, you can get a little bit of extra time span for getting a new coil or a new vape.

How to Fix Disposable Vape Burnt Coil

How To Fix a Burnt Coil in A Disposable Vape

You have to apply 5 steps for fixing the coil,

  • Soak the Coil
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Prime Coil
  • Placing back to position

Now let’s discuss deeper how each step gonna be performed;

Soak The Coil

In the very first step, you need to remove the coil from the Vape cart and put it into emerging hot water. This will loosen the residual parts and make it easier for the next steps.

Also, your dab pen needs to deal with external air, which makes sometimes enters dust and clogs up into it. Hot water soaking will release those specks of dust and clogged-up particles away.

Coil Cleaning

After you soak the coil in hot water, add some lemon juice and vinegar into that water. This will neutralize any rust or vape juice left in the coil.

This is important to clean the coil completely before you do anything to fix it. Also, the burnt particles that are making a burnt smell while you are vaping should be removed this way.


Take the coil out of the water. Place it over a cleanly dry and flat surface. Putting over a towel is recommended, obviously in the air. Actually, you need to dry it in the air and the towel will soak up all the fluid from the coil.

Prime Coil

Soak your coil with a small amount of the e-liquid you use. This will save the coil from burning and you will not get any burning smell or burnt taste from the vape flavor. In detail the steps should be as;

  • Drip 3-4 drops of e-liquid into the coil after taking it out of the main vape body.
  • Replace the tank cart.
  • Put the screws in their place. As you are working with disposable vapes, assemble them properly with appropriate glue placement.
  • Now at starting to smoke again with it, the nicotine voltage should be at its lowest. You can increase it gradually.

Placing back to position

At the very end, you gotta place the coil into your vape in the position it was before. You have to do it carefully so that, you don’t make any damage to your vape cartridge.

If you have come so far, a few safety cautions you to need to keep in mind before trying these steps:

Quick Precautions:

  • Disposable vapes are made for one-time use. As soon as the battery or e-liquid is finished, you can through the vape pen away.
  • While the vape is not made for the opening facility, it can damage the device if you give extra pressure while opening it.
  • While priming, drop the exact same e-liquid that you are using, into the coil. Otherwise, you may get a mixed weird flavor.
  • Sometimes, the vape tastes burnt after charging; the case is probably not a coil burning. Maybe the battery is damaged or burnt for over-voltage.

That’s all you needed to know about fixing a burnt coil of your disposable vape. If you have a refillable pod and you wanna fix it. Still, the process will be similar but easier. Because refillable vapes are made to be opened easily. Hope you don’t catch any trouble applying those steps to your disposable vape, e-cigarette, or cannabis product.

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