Vuse vs Juul [An In-depth Comparison Guide]

E-cigarettes are basically for those who have decided to quit smoking. So, they target some products which are firstly less harmful to health.

Amongst the varieties of brands of E-Cigarettes in the market, Vuse and Juul both have a very good impression. Still, as a general user, you have to choose one of these. And, how will you choose and which one will be better for you, that’s what we are gonna discuss here. We will be drawing a conclusion after a proper comparison between Vuse and Juul vape cartridges.

Actually, when you have to decide between some of the very similar devices, your selection procedure should be tight. You need to consider different essential aspects, like price, flavor, lifespan, etc., to get the better one.

Also, the fact is, Vuse comes with a particular different version, whereas a very famous one is alto. And, on the other side, Juul doesn’t have different models, they produce a base model with just differences in flavours.

We will be taking the Vuse Alto and Standard from Juul as the comparison standard.

Let’s get started.

Vuse Vs Juul: In-Depth Comparison

Vuse vs Juul

Well, the comparison will be in four basic terms, The price, Nicotine amount, Battery life, the different flavours they offer, and, lastly the vaping experience.


Vuse: If you look at the Vuse Product, It costs around 20 USD where one Pod is included. But if you buy a combo o variety pack with 4 different flavors at 50 USD. So, buying the combo is not a bad idea here.

Juul: Juul device has more variety in their flavors as we said before. They come with 35 USD WITH NO PODS. But in this price bracket, there are not so many flexibilities you can get in buying options with Juul models.

Now, if you are someone who wants varieties in the options, then Vuse is the one for you. But in case you don’t want any hassle of choosing from different options and prefer a basic standard and consistency test, you should prefer Juul Cart undoubtedly.

Still, as there is a great option in difference constant in terms of Vuse, it may attract more customers, and also there is more value for money proportion in combo prices of Vuse Alto, which we cannot find in Juul.

Also, the battery and pods are cheaper in Vuse cart. So, it is always of a better value for money.

So, we can give a plus point for Vuse Alto and similar models from vuse here.

Nicotine Amount

Vuse: According to the company’s own claims, Vuse comes with a 5 % NICOTINE value. You cannot find any existence of nicotine salts in their advertisements. But when you taste it, you will get some hint of it for sure.

Juul: Very similarly, Juul Devices have the same 5 % OF NICOTINE in them.

Now, according to the user experiences, Juul feels directly like it has Nicotine in it, but Vuse doesn’t. Sometimes the reason is its strong flavours. Where Juul doesn’t have so many flavours you know.

Choosing one of those is literally your own point of view. You have to consider what you want, nicotinic taste or strong flavour.


Vuse: Your Vuse Alto has an in-build battery of 350 mAh CAPACITY. Let alone the written numbers, according to users, if someone charges the battery in the night and starts vaping in the morning, at the very end of the night he will find the vape is not dead yet. So, this is a great lifespan.

Juul: Juul carts have a battery of 200 mAh CAPACITY. The battery is in build.

Well, as we said before Vuse alto can last a day very comfortably with its battery life. But with an almost half-sized capacity of Juul carts in build battery, it gives you backup for just 2 -3 hours. So, anytime you are going out, you must have some extra battery or charging facility with you if you are a Juul user.

So, we will declare Vuse as the winner of the battery section undoubtedly.


Vuse: As Vuse just came into the market lately, it has NOT SO MANY AVAILABLE FLAVOURS.

The flavours you can get from Vuse are Blueberry, Lemon Berry, Watermelon, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Berries.

Juul: Juul came into the market before Vuse and literally it has a LARGE VARIETY OF FLAVOURS. Not all of those can satisfy you but this is actually a good point that they are giving you flexibility.

They have Virginia Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Mango (perhaps not anymore), Cucumber, Cool mint, Vanilla, and Fruit Medley.

In comparison to the flavours, one should prefer Juul than Vuse. The reason is very simple. The tastes of the flavours they created are absolute to the point. Also, their mint flavour is highly demanded in the market. So, in this segment, Juul is a certain winner.

Pod Price

Vuse: Comes with around 13.19 USD for 2 pods with 1.8 ml of liquid.

Juul: The price of Juul pods is 15.99 USD for 4 pods, where each pod contains 0.7 ml of liquid.

You are getting in total of 3.6 ml of liquid in Vuse pod combo at 13.99 USD. Where only 2.8 ml of liquid at 15.99 USD for Juul. You can easily find out where the good value for money remains.

Vaping Experience

Vuse: Vuse has good hitting. It creates a HEAVY AMOUNT OF VAPOR and makes ZERO NOISE. It is surprisingly silent.

Juul: Juul makes LESS SMOKES than Vuse. And it is not quiet. In fact, it makes significant CRACKING NOISES.

We cannot say that Juul doesn’t hit well. It hits good with its good flavour. But in comparison to the Vuse, it cannot beat. Vuse is completely silent and makes a heavy amount of vapor.

Countless times, the Juul is dragged or hit and happened nothing, because so many times, Juul misses the hit. Where the Vuse never disappoints you. Whenever you hit it, you will find something.

Even in a side-by-side comparison, Vuse will be the absolute winner in vaping experience for its completely silent and relaxing experience.

Now is the time for a final conclusion:

Your Juul device is way expensive compared to the Vuse, straightly or proportionally. It comes with around 0.7 ml pod size which we cannot consider a sufficient amount for outdoor and casual usage. Also, you may find that it is noisy and so many cases of missing hits.

Guess what? Vuse solves all these troubles we have told you about here. You get a convenient dab pen, with a better vaping experience in this price bracket.

So, regarding all the categories we have discussed till now, Vuse is the ultimate winner. Though it can differ in terms of user choices and opinions.

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