The Last Pop Star: Michael Jackson’s Estate Signs the Biggest Record Contract in History

Despite the general industry downsizing, labels are still willing to pay to make Michael Jackson the next Tupac. His estate has just signed a $200 million contract with Sony (that could go up to $250 million) for 10 projects, only one (!) of which will consist of entirely new music.

…Jackson has sold some 31 million albums since his death in June, about two-thirds of them outside the United States.

“During his life, Michael’s contracts set the standard for the industry,” said John Branca, the co-administrator of the Jackson estate, in a statement prepared for release Tuesday. “By all objective criteria, this agreement with Sony Music demonstrates the lasting power of Michael’s music by exceeding all previous industry benchmarks.”

I understand that Michael is one of the only acts that’s been selling well recently, but once the shock of his death fades, is this really going to be worth it? I guess it’ll be big in Europe. Maybe they can float one of those giant statues down the river again. (I’m going to assume that part of the $200 million is giant statue money.)

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