Douchebag Traitor Adam “Azzam the American” Gadahn Arrested in Pakistan

UPDATE... Unfortunately, it looks as though reports that Adam Gadahn had been arrested were premature. It was another American turned douchebag traitor, Abu Yahya Mujahdeen Al-Adam, whom the NYT says was born in Pennsylvania and affiliated with the operations wing of Al Qaeda. More here: NYT.

EARLIER... Adam Gadahn, the Californian metalhead turned Al Qaeda mouthpiece, may have been arrested in Pakistan. If reports of Gadahn’s arrest are accurate, he could face a charge of treason – the first time an American has been so charged since WWII.

Gadahn, known to his fellow terrorist jackholes as “Azzam the American,” converted to Islam while still in his teens, most likely for the same reasons other idiot teen boys pick up smoking weed: rebellion. According to several sources he explained the conversion in a Web post made in 1995. “Having been around Muslims in my formative years, I knew well that they were not the bloodthirsty, barbaric terrorists that the news media and the televangelists paint them to be,” wrote Gadahn. “It was,” he continued, “a really natural progression.”

Gadahn moved to Pakistan in the late 90s, when he was 20 years old. He joined al Qaeda shortly after 9/11. He went to training camps in Afghanistan and eventually rose to become Osama bin Laden’s primary purveyor of propaganda, usually spreading the hate via videos published on the Web.

Gadahn’s arrest may be a big blow to al Qaeda’s communications network, according to Evan Kohlmann of Flashpoint Intelligence. Speaking to the New York Daily News, Kohlmann did sound a note of caution. Gadahn, he told the paper, is not “marching us right up to the secret hiding place of Osama bin Laden.” [NYDN]

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