Yamaha HS7 vs HS8: An Honest In-depth Comparison Guide in 2022

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When it is time for enjoying music to the fullest, nothing can be compared to the appeal of the home studio monitor. And when the fact is presenting the honest image of music, you always should settle for the best home studio monitor.

In the world of home studio monitors, the name that most people know is Yamaha. Yes, there are a few people who haven’t heard of the Yamaha home music monitor because these are incredible in terms of performance and quality.

And their best two home studio monitors, Yamaha HS7 and Yamaha HS8 have incredible features. However, there are some differences too that we are going to discuss here. Stay tuned!

Yamaha HS7 Vs HS8 [In Depth COMPARISON]

Yamaha HS7 vs HS8


Yamaha HS7
Yamaha HS7
Yamaha HS7
Yamaha HS7
The design of both Yamaha HS7 and HS8 are identical to each other. The design of these models is also similar to their classic model NS10. If you have seen the monitor, you already know about the sealed box that has already become the identity of the Yamaha monitors.

The HS series monitors by Yamaha are ported and so, you get good bass output. When it comes to the HS7, the tweeter is protected with mesh grille protection. It has a ported design too. But, compared to the Yamaha HS8, the HS7 is very much lightweight and smaller.

The HS8 model is a little heavy and bulky. This is the bigger version of HS7. And so, you get heavy bass output. Both of the models include XLR along with that, these include ¼ inch TRS balanced jack for inputs.

In terms of turning controls, both are identical too. However, the size of the woofer varies when these two models are compared. A 6.5-inch woofer is added in the HS7 model where an 8-inch woofer is included in the HS8 model. In terms of design, the size of these models varies a little only.

Sound Performance Yamaha HS7 Vs HS8

Yamaha HS Sound PerformanceThe sound quality is the most important thing when you are deciding on choosing a perfect Yamaha home studio monitor. If you are purchasing a Yamaha home studio monitor, you are going to expect incredible sound performance and both of these have amazing sound quality.

When it comes to the Yamaha HS8, you barely will need a subwoofer. If you are going to plan for a subwoofer, you have to settle for a large room. In the case of HS8, the high volume output is added already. So, you might not need a subwoofer. You can add subwoofers with the HS7 if you need it.

If you are going to use these speakers in small or medium rooms, you can rely on these speakers. However, while using the HS7, add subwoofers in medium or large rooms but in the small rooms don’t use them.

If you test the Yamaha HS7, you will see that it has a good low-frequency response. However, the sound will not seem punchy to you. But, it will go with most of the genres you will listen because the bass is direct.

There are people that are bass-head and really love heavy synth bass. In such situations, you might not like the Yamaha HS7 rather go for the Yamaha HS8. In the users, the HS8 is basically known as the heavy bass output monitor. As this includes a larger woofer compared to the HS7, it is capable of pushing more sound waves. And as a result, you get incredibly high output.

The HS7 model can afford your punchy output to the bass. And so, if you need a little punchy output, you should always settle for the Yamaha HS8.

However, if you only want a louder speaker for a large area, both of these are not perfect for the situation. These are great for small to medium rooms. But if you love to have speakers that afford you reasonably loud as speakers with good quality music then you can try these two. Between these two, the Yamaha HS8 one has superior output.

Setup and Construction

Yamaha HS7 sp
Yamaha HS7
Yamaha Hs8 sp
Yamaha HS8

If you are judging these speakers on the basis of construction quality then you must know that the products of the Yamaha brand are highly durable and sturdy. However, you always need to keep in mind your studio space. If you have small studio space, settle for HS7. And in setting up the HS8, you will need a large space because it is larger and heavier.

There is a slight difference in the bass of these two speakers. The bass of both of these Yamaha speakers reach down to 43Hz but there are differences in the end. For the HS7, the high end hits 30 kHz. For the HS8, it is 38Hz.

Price Point

price-comparisonWe all know the newer models tend to have a high price than the regular models. The same thing is also with these Yamaha HS7 and HS8. The price of the HS8 is a little higher than the HS7. HS7 is amazing for small to medium rooms but if you are planning to get a speaker for a medium to a large room, you can settle for the Yamaha HS8.

In comparison to the Yamaha HS8, you will see that HS7 will require subwoofers but HS8 will not require that. For deep and tight sound output, HS8 is better than HS7. In terms of clarity, the HS8 is better than the HS7 and it also is great for larger areas.

The bass response of HS8 can hit 38Hz and the sound is accurate. You will not need any sort of changes after the initial mix-down when you are using HS8. So, comparably, Yamaha HS8 is better than the HS7 in all aspect and so, the price is a little high. If you are not into punchy music, you can select the HS7 in that case.

Wrap Up

If you are planning to get a speaker for your home studio, you have to plan carefully. As you are planning to get a home studio speaker, you can rely on the Yamaha HS series. When it comes to Yamaha HS7 vs HS8, you can settle for anyone as both of these speakers are great.

However, in terms of performance and sound quality, Yamaha HS8 wins the race. But if you still have confusion, all you have to do is go through the slight differences between these two speakers above and you will know what to select!


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