Why my puff bar plus is not hitting – Possible reasons

Talking about Puff Bar Plus! A disposable vape with a 280 mAh battery with a 1.3ml pre-filled juice pod.

The device can serve you around 400 usual puffs with its built-in 1.3 mL juice pod. And if someone asks about the device stability! Your Puff Bar and Puff bar Plus may last around 2 years without any issues.

Apparently, any electronic device may have issues. This is unexpected but usual. In case when your puff bar plus is not hitting at all, functional fixes are here for your product troubleshooting

puff bar plus is not hitting

Give Your Device A Rest:

While You are puffing too much for a long timing period, your system is being overclocked. This time your device’s safety programs turn the device down a few times.

The reason is,

The battery needs to be cooled if it’s been supplying too much for long. If you don’t put the puff bar down while it is idle, this may cause unnecessary pressure over the whole device, Mainly the battery.

For overpressure, devices get shut down, likely for vapes. Just give it a few minutes and turn it on again, Check if it is hitting properly.

Maybe Your Device is not Hitting because it is Out of E-Liquid

Specs say that The device is initially filled with a 1.3 mL e-liquid which is going to last about 300 regular puffs. But this is approximate and if the liquid is over, your device won’t hit anymore till the next refill. Pretty natural. So better check if the chamber is empty. If yes, fill it up ASAP.

Air Circulation Disruption

You can find a small piece of cotton underneath the black mouthpiece. Not with all the units, higher quality cotton is provided. What you need to do it, check if the cotton is stuffed. Stuffed kinds of cotton make a disturbance to the air circulation of your vape. As a result, your vape doesn’t hit properly.

  • Get A Tweezer and adjust the cotton so that it won’t interrupt the ventilation.
  • Make sure the tweezer won’t damage the side of the air canal.
  • Have a look at the Battery Level

The Puff bar comes with a 280 mAh battery while the Puff Bar Plus is with 550 mAh. Though this battery is enough to give an operation of a few days, still lower batteries cause some troubles.

While the battery is low, the device won’t be able to produce enough voltage to hit.

So, keep an eye on the LED at the bottom. When it starts blinking blue, means it’s battery is running low.

*Battery Juice shrinking is also a reason for a dead battery, and your “not hitting’ Device. Rough use, carelessly overcharging, or overheating may be the reason behind it.

Hence it’s necessary to have idea about the device’s LED indicators. They blink to notify you for necessary information. There are 3 vital notifications the LED identifies.

The battery is low or dead

Puff bar plus is bult in with 1.8 mL juice capacity and 350 mAh battery inside. According to some reviews and user ratings, the battery doesn’t provide that much backup. As soon as the battery is dead it starts giving you a blinking notification with the LED.

If The Puff Bar Juice is Empty

The amount of juice the device is built in with can provide around 400 usual puffs. This can be emptied within a very few days. And as soon as that’s empty, The LED of your Puff Bar will start blinking, No matter if the battery is full. The only way to troubleshoot it is to refill your e-liquid.

Internal Components Are Not Working Properly

Internal damage to a product may turn into inconvenience sometimes. We gotta know that a vape is basically assembled with a complex mechanism. There are circuits, cables, joints, chambers, and pods as well. Internal damage may be occurred because of faulty assembling or a strong outer user behavior also.

Such as, If your Puff Bar falls into water, it may get a severe short circuit.

Any kind of wire, cable, or connection can be broken because of user behavior. In this specific situation, your Puff Bar will certainly blink the notification LED to indicate system failure.

Sweats and water damages are highly vulnerable for electronic devices, We find a lot of users who somehow dropped their device into Water or significantly Sweat went into the device.

When it drops into the water

  • Liquid gets into the device as it is not water resistant.
  • The liquid reaches the circuit
  • Circuits get connected through battery inappropriately (Because of water’s electricity conductivity)
  • And then it creates a short circuit and the whole motherboard is gone.
  • It even damages the device in the long run with rust, fungus, etc.

Sweat functionally works the same but,

  • Sweat enters the device slowly
  • Day by day it makes rust and salty ambiance internally.
  • The device gets Rust and Cable and the joints of the wire are damaged gradually.
  • And as soon as the sweat reaches the circuit board, it causes a short circuit.
  • A short circuit most often results in a dead device or extreme internal damage.

after this device not hitting is not an unusual issue.

And another common issue that arises with some users is, Getting a Burnt taste From Puff Bar

A simple answer to this issue is, “Your E-liquid is finished”

When your e-liquid is finished, and you are still trying to vape with your Puff Bar. It is causing overheating to the coil which is making a burnt taste. Nothing can fix this unless you refill your pod with e-liquid.

Electronic devices can malfunction in many ways. Each and every component can be damaged internally or externally. There is no option than taking proper care of the device and using it gently. But still, issues come! Your device gets unusable.

Now the matter is, What a user can do to ensure the device’s safety:

puff bar plus is not working

Suppose you are a user of Puff Bar Plus or the base version,

  • Use your device decently. Keep it safe from outer hit and damages.
  • Avoid Over Charging. Puff bar plus comes with lipo batteries. As a result overcharging may cause damage to the battery juice. Though some reviewers claim that, chargers stop giving overvoltages when the capacity is full once.
  • Not to Over Heat. Overheating is harmful to any electronic device. And when the device is like a vape it doesn’t consist of built-in coolers. Do keep it safe from excessive heating.  Leave the device alone for a while if it is too hot after charging or hitting too many times.
  • Keep Away from Water and Sweat. We described previously that how water, sweat, or any kinda liquid damages puff bar devices. So keep it completely away from water. Make sure, sweat is not getting into the device. Also, clean it after an interval regularly.
  • Maintain a compatible voltage for charging. So many specific reports show that Charging in over or lower voltage harms the device highly. Even few articles will show you that overvoltage even sets the device on fire. Many devices show Blinking LED notifications and shutdowns having lower or higher voltage for device safety. Unfortunately, Puff Bar Plus devices don’t come with this programming.
  • Authentic Accessories are Always Recommended. All the products that come on the market cant maintain the perfect qualities or safety measures. One branded product cant be compatible with other branded ones as well. So, the device you are using should be used with accessories of the same brand. This will completely be safe and sound.

Drawing the conclusion, We discussed a bunch of topics out of the box. The reason is, While Your Puff Bar or Puff Bar Plus is Not Hitting, The most probable reason would be any kind of system malfunction. So, we talked about the causes behind all major or minor system malfunctions and their troubleshooting or fixes. As soon as you know the reasons behind the issues, You are able to fix them. And you are capable of finding out and fixing the issue of Your Puff Bar Plus not hitting.

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