What Does It Mean When A vape Pen Blinks?

As we know vape pens don’t always come with a display or better observation area, The only thing is the LED light that can notify you about what is going on inside your device.

Most of the time the reason behind your vape blinking can be a Connection or Installation problem, Low charge or overcharging, or improper connection to the pod. And the confusing thing is, many times a vape can blink for no specific reason. Which can ruin your user experience.

Another thing that should be kept in mind, is “Not every vape is the same, So their blinking meaning may vary from brand to brand.”

Now explore the question, what does each type of vape blinking mean? Whether it’s good or bad? What you should do or what steps you should take?

What if your vape blinks for 3, 4 or 5 times?

vape pen blinking meaning

Multiple times blinking of your vape may be trying to notify you about a connection problem. That can be anywhere between battery, pod, heating oil or a short circuit as well.

Blinking For 3 Times

Sometimes it’s possible to blink 3 times without having the tank, In that situation, you have to be sure about a battery problem in your vape. Or if the tank is connected then the blinking may be happening to an improper or faulty connection.


  • Make sure the heating oil is clean.
  • The connection is secure as well.
  • If the problem still exists, try changing the coil.
  • If still nothing happened, the problem is in the battery. Get a battery replacement from your provider (If the warranty is available). If the warranty is expired, Still authentic customer service or the dealer is highly recommended.

Blinking For 4 Times

Now What’s About Your Vape is Blinking for 4 Times? This happens in most cases for atomizer resistance issues. When the resistance range is under 0.1 ohms or higher than 2.5 ohms, it can make your vape blink for 4 times because this will shut down the battery output to save the device from unwanted short circuits.


  • Practically there’s no troubleshooting about it. Because it’s the device’s safety algorithm. All your can do is just wait for a minute and then start the device again.

Blinking For 5 Times

When It Blinks for 5 Times, It’s a “battery low” notification. Sometimes after inhalation of your vape, you can see an instant blink 5 or more times, which indicates a lower battery notification.

On the other side, In some vapes from other brands are functioning, When you press the fire button for more than 10 seconds (which may vary from brand to brand), the power output gets cut off showing you a 5-time flash.


  • You should be well aware of when your device might sho Battery Low, just put it on charge and be done.
  • But in case of the second matter, you gotta know, this happens for health safety cautions. So, what you can do is just wait a while and vape again. There will be no issues at all.

Your Vape Can even Blink Different Colours as Notification of Different Issues.

When Vape is Blinking BlueMost often it happens while vaping as the sign of medium battery. If it’s blinking

 after pressing the power button 3 times, It is in the medium power output mode.

dab pen blinking several times

In Case Of Blinking Red

The conditions can be different such as,

  • If the battery is going below 30 percent, It can blink red light while vaping.
  • When you press the power button three times and it blinks red, that means it’s terminated low power mode.
  • And a good sign is, that it can normally blink red while you are charging your vape.

Vape Is Blinking Green

which Indicates a good sign, Your Device has full or almost full (at least 70%) battery power. While it’s connected to the charging cable and showing some green blinks, It means the charge is full.

Also, if you pressed the power button three times and you have seen green blinking, It indicates the pen is in High Power Output Mode.

What if Your Vape is Flashing for 10 Times

It can be for several reasons as follows with the fixes-

  • The vape may blink 10 times when the battery doesn’t have the minimum charge for vaping. Put it on charge and it’s fixed.
  • As the device sometimes becomes a victim of rough use in the exposed outer weather, there could be a problem of dust. Dust can make the internal battery connection poor and a lower voltage issue. The lower voltage causes the vape blinking for 10 times even though it is charged enough.
  • In some high-end vapes, it is programmed to shut down when the user is talking too big hits. In that case, just wait a while and take smaller hits and it will be fine.

Insufficient e-Liquid can cause your vape to blink as well. In renowned brands like RELX, when there is not enough liquid in the cartridge, it will start blinking. Where the only troubleshooting is to refill the cartridge.

Another notification in High-end Devices can be Vibration Alerts. While the user is inhaling the vape for about 15 minutes. The Device will notify its health safety cautions through vibration and flashes.

When The Fire Button Is Locked

The device can start blinking if you hit the vape button. It is actually a safety feature that makes sure your device won’t make any harm while carried inside your bag or your pocket. To solve this, you better have a look at the manual or official site to get proper control of the device.

In electronic devices, long-term use can weaken and damage components, which is not different from a vape. On day-by-day use, the HIT BUTTON can be damaged and stuck somehow, and detecting this the device will start blinking as a system failure notification.

The best way to fix it is to clean your vape properly with 99% alcohol and boot it up again.

In the end, A user has to keep in mind that electronic components and products can be damaged for so many variables getting changed in different activities with your vape. In a word; user behaviors, and the way they maintain those. So, to the vapes, its potential can be weakened by day-to-day use for a long time, and as a result, different safety cautions, notifications, and unnecessary blinking may ruin the experience.

The final troubleshooting is to recycle that and get a new vape as soon as possible if the previous one is no more workable.

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