Why my Vuse Alto is Not Charging? A Quick Solution Guide

Vuse is a well known company that provides vape or e-cigs. They are versatile to provide beginner friendly vapes with enough range of variety. And within its product base, Alto is an absolute winner. But being electronic product, facing any uncertain issues is not something uncommon. With a number of the units of Vuse Alto, Users are having CHARING PROBLEM. Though it’s a pretty common issue with a device that got rechargeable battery, Still unexpected. And we are here to dig deeper to the issue to show your some functional troubleshoots.

Possible Solution for Vuse Alto is not charging Issue

Vuse Alto is not charging

Firstly, to keep in mind is we are going to troubleshoot according to Vase’s authentic support and service suggestions.

Power Source Issues

First reason behind Your Vuse Alto not charging can be the Main Power Source.

If you wanna have a better service from your rechargeable device you must have to depend on a reliable and stable power source. Vuse officially declares that their product works at their best condition while its connected to a safety lower voltage source with the parameters are 5 Volts (DC) and 0.75 amps.

Now if the Voltage is too high the device stops the charge for the circuit and device safety programs. Thus, You will see your device is not charging then. Better find a power source that have the compatible voltage and power flow ratio as we noted before, which will let your Vuse Alto Charge in stable condition again.

Dirt and Obstruction Issues

Dirt and Obstruction issues are very common, while you are using your device in open weather and exposing it in the outer environment. As a vape is meant to be used in the outside and carried in hands, dust, sand, sweats can easily get inside it. And these obstructions get stuck around and inside or the charging port. This makes the device not take any charge.

What you can do in this case is Clean the device. Better you can use 99% Alcohol solution. With some brush or buds that can enter into the charging port, clean the charging port along with the connector. Hopefully it will fix your charging issue.

Temperature Issues

In case of Lower Weather Temperatures, Try to Heat It Up.

At the condition where the weather temperature is lower than zero, the vape inhibit itself for a few times to preserve the battery according to the device safety programming. This makes the device not to take any charge. Talking to indoor and compatible weather which is above zero may fix the issue itself.

Proper Connection Issues Between charger, connectors, and pins

An ordinary fix to vapes Not Charging is Checking the Contacts Properly. It is very much possible for the device if the charger, the connectors, and the pins are not connected properly and the current cannot go through it. This will certainly stop your device from charging.

So what you need to do is, Just check that out, Visualize, Every single charging arena or connection is properly fit or not. If you find out problems, Tighten that up so that connectivity gets secure and charging won’t get interrupted anymore.

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Cable and Adapter Issues

Check if the adopter is providing the relevant voltage or current flow. If it’s doing right then check the cable you are using. In long term use transferring ability of the cable gets decreased. Internal components can be damaged too. And a damage brick or cable may create problem of Not Charging. You better go for a new brick or cable that matches the requirement amount of charging flow or voltage that your Vuse Alto requires.

There is no fix about it that getting newer components.

Long Term Rough Use of Battery

If the battery of your Vuse Alto is completely degraded. In case of long term rough use, over charging the battery and exposing it into over voltage for a longer time period, it hampers the battery juice. In a rare condition the battery juice completely loses it’s capacity, taking the vape in the condition from where it cant accept charge anymore. This is where we can see the device is not charging.

Fix of this case is a bit complex but, your have to utilize your warranty if its still available, if not, still get through the authorized customer care or outlet and replace the battery. No longer you will have this charging issues like one you faced.

Leakage in Liquid Compartment

In case there is a leakage in the liquid compartment and E-Liquid in the Battery and Circuit. Using for a long time can damage the carrier of e liquid. But the main problem is if the liquid goes through the main circuit of the vape or through the battery. This can result into two criteria. Firstly, a short circuit and the device circuit will die. And secondly, it will cause a huge battery damage with temporary shutdown signal as well. In this stage, you’ve to take the step all by yourself visualizing the situation. 

But primarily, try to make it dry, clean it up with a towel or tissue and then try charging it. Hopefully this will fix your issue.

Finally, some more analyzations out of the list:

Let’s talk about some specific point that we often don’t take in concern. Such as, The battery temperatures. For many of the high end vape brands, there are safety cautions for the device, that turns its activities totally down, and it causes temporary charge failure. But the problem is to find out Why is it overheating? We often don’t ask for its answer but this is a larger fact. Probably the answer is, Short Circuit.  There can be major or minor short circuits inside the device that can make your vape overheat and in long term issues like not charging and so on. It is recommended to take proper steps before it’s too late.

So many times, when someone buys a new vape, they notice the charging port is too Tight or Too loose.  People don’t think it is a problem, but it actually is. When its too tight or too loose, we have to give pressures more than normal every time to put it on charge or to pull it out. This seems like normal at the beginning but after a few days that over force damages the port and thus makes charging issues. So, its recommended to change the unit at the time you first notice this minor but major affecting issue.

Taking some caution about third party components like the Charging Cable, Brick, Adapter etc. No company recommends a third party gadget, gear and components for the device. But when your original component is over somehow and you are not getting one from that specific brand in the market, there is no other way. While having a third party component one must keep in mind that the newer needs to be of the same specs (Voltage, Output, Input) that the previous one had. So many users just take a random and cheap charger and brick and start using them, I the beginning its completely finer but in long term use it ends up damaging the charging circuit of the vape and make issue of your Vuse Alto Not Charging.

Finally, the way the person Use The Product leaves a massive effect on it’s long term services. Careful and decent use of product can give you a better using experience. But as we know electronic products are pretty uncertain in some cases. Using for a higher period like years to years can damage the device internally and its completely normal. And being old, it can make your face issues such as, Not Charging, Not Working Properly and so on. Point to be noted that, not all the damages are fixable.

So, if you are using your Vuse Alto for 2-3 years or more, and finally it has started showing you different problems like Not Charging and similar. It is recommended to get a new one if possible.

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