Runtz Disposable Vape Pen Real or Fake

Market often falls on controversies regarding different products which don’t have a proper origin. And some scammers take this chance to make copies of that products and sell them without any authentication.

Fake products are not tested properly and they are vulnerable in many ways. And if the product is a vape, it is even riskier because the user is gonna use it on a regular basis.

Some similar phenomena can be seen in the Runtz Disposable Vape Pens (1000 MG). The product brand is not decently known to the customer base. The models don’t show any authenticity. There is a tendency of Runtz disposable vape pen being fake.. Also, a large doubt about whether that brand even exists or not.

We are here to clear up this confusion. So, let’s get started.

Runtz Disposable Vape Pen Real or Fake

Runtz Disposable Vape Pen Real or Fake 

The main focus of our discussion here is identifying the reality of Runtz Vape Cartridge products. Now as the product in the market is kind of controversial.

Some of the market bases are saying that this product is having lower quality copy units, and others are having an assumption that this brand is totally a scam.

We will be talking about both. And let you know how to distinguish between real and fake Runtz products.

Fake Runtz Products

If you know about the market then you might have the idea that there are two ways, the copy and fake products are assembled. One is just shuffling them with real ones. And the other one is just dropping a full box of fake products in proper order.

Okay, in case you have been using Runtz dab products from the very beginning when they arrived in the market. You will have a certain idea about what the products looked like at that time and how they smelled and tasted.

Having that idea, you can distinguish between a fake and real Runtz vape before and after buying;

Check the Packaging

The look of the packaging matters a lot. The provider who is selling fake products may not be giving much effort to make the package look the same. Also, sometimes there would not be a proper seal and signs that remain on each and every original product.

The packaging would be poor.

The color of the packet would be different if you know about the package color at the beginning

The branding name, color, and font choice of the branding itself would look cheaper and less graded.

Also, one thing you need to keep in mind is that, so many scammers fill the fake product inside the original packaging. In that case, it would be difficult to choose. But in this scenario, the seal of the product would be broken. That’s why we suggest not buying a product with the seal or packaging broken. It has a huge chance to be a fake one.

Check the Vape:

If no unusuality is found with the packaging, you have no other way than to check it after opening the cover.

Open your Runtz Disposable Vape Pen and check it. If you have an idea about the original Runtz then make a comparison.

  • If you find the material quality of your Runtz Vape Pen is much lower than you used before. You should consider this to be a fake product.
    • If you find a huge difference in the taste that cannot be said to develop then the product is fake for sure.
    • Also, sometimes you may find a product of a completely different flavor inside the package. The package is assigned some flavor and inside it, the vape is of a different flavor. This is a sign that the product is not from an authentic source and it is fake.

Now let’s talk about the

Fake Runtz Brand Controversy

fake Runtz Brand Controversy

As there are different websites and users who think that the product brand is completely fake. We need to clear up the whole discussion.

No Physical Existence

The thing that hits the brain of a customer the first time is, that this brand has no control or regulations. If you look wisely and gather some information, you can be sure that there is not a dispensary of Runtz or their mother brand.

If it is a real brand, it surely would have proper branding, some real source of dealers, and an authentic factory seal.  This product has lack all those things. So, a darker line stays constantly about the statement that the product and the brand are fake.

Copied Packaging

The packaging of this product has a huge grey line in the fake branding concept. Actually, the package it uses doesn’t have any unique trademark on it.

Often this can be considered that they just copy the writings from other branded vape products and set it on their own packaging.

Looking closely, you will find the sign of Chronic and Gruntz brands on the packaging of Runtz. So, how can someone consider these vapes to be authentic and this Runtz brand to be a real one?

Also, some analysts say that this Runtz is just packaging from a certain mother brand that produces stuff like Wonka candy Bar. But that actually doesn’t clear the authenticity of the brand and Runtz Vapes.

Social Media Coverage

You barely can find a known brand without a social media page or account. Because this is actually important for their marketing and promotions. Also, sometimes for customer reviews.

But in the case of Runtz vapes, the brand has no official page, you can get it after observing a bit wisely. There is an Instagram page in the name of Runtz, but the id name is horribly Runntz, which doesn’t even match the product name.

The page claim that they know the owner of the Runtz Vape creator. Although these scenarios don’t seem to be legitimate. And while these things don’t even prove that the Runtz vapes are from an authentic brand.

In conclusion, there remains a huge gray line about the controversies. The price of Runtz Vape or Dab pens is not too high. Any provider can target these products for selling the copy of these 1000 ml vapes and circulate them easily through the marketplace.

We have given you an idea about the controversies about the Runtz brand. Clarified what a fake cart feels like. And all necessary information regarding Runtz Disposable Vape Pen. So that, you won’t get confused while buying one of those products.

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