Real vs Fake Packwoods: To Make Your Confusion Clear

The vape and smoking products which hasn’t yet been tested or examined has the potential to be dangerous. Making it clearer, there are a lot of different brands in the market for smoking products, and a number of new brands and their new products have been rising in the market within a very shorter period. So, for the new products, the mass buyers do not know about the product quality.

And this issue has got a new dimension for fake products. When wholesalers are selling Packwoods products, users are complaining about there being fake units amongst the real ones. They are made cheaply and sold as mass units and they can be harmful because they are being made without safety concerns.

This is what we are gonna head up to today “Real vs Fake Packwoods Products”

So that, whenever you are gonna buy a Packwoods product you have some sharp idea about choosing the real and authentic one.

So, let’s get started;

Real vs Fake Packwoods: The Real Facts

Real vs Fake Packwoods

Well, this matter is confusing but a potential consumer needs to have an idea of both real and fake ones. So that they can get the real one while buying. But the worse thing you are gonna face here is, that the type of fake products is not the same for all. Different providers can produce fake products with the same name and that can puzzle you while buying.

Identification Complexities

Identification Complexities

Now some important notes that you need to know before going deeper into the intent.

  1. Fake products seem to look kind of the same. If you assume that there will be significantly different, you are completely wrong.
  2. Sometimes the scammers take original product packs and fill them up with fake or copy Packwoods products. In that case, you cannot find it out before opening it up.
  3. Two special cases found in different markets as,
    • When the products are delivered in the boxes, the scammers replace a few real products with fake ones. So, in a single box, you are finding both real and fake products. This makes it a very complex situation to choose the right one.
    • On the other hand, sometimes; a whole box of fake Packwoods products is placed in the order. It is easier to identify because when you found a fake product, you can avoid the whole box.

To be clear between the real and fake Packwoods, first, you need to have a clear idea about the fake ones. This will help you distinguish between the two.

Identifying Fake Packwoods

Identifying Fake Packwoods

Though there are fake Packwoodss from different providers around the market. They have internal and external differences. Starting from the very primary:

  • Cover Seals: If you have fake Packwoods in your hand, check if the pack is sealed or not.

    For so many fake products there is not a proper seal wrapping the pack.

    When scammers use a real case to carry a fake product, they just take the used packet but not the seal.

    If you find a Packwoods product without a seal or a broken seal, beware of it. It may be a fake product or a damaged product either. It is better to avoid it.
  • No Magnet On the pack opening: When you unfold the pack, you may find some magnetic activities on the inner chamber which certainly gives you a premium hand feel.

    But if there is no magnet there is a big chance that the product is fake.

    We cannot give you 100 percent assurance that the product is fake for sure. But the probability is too high cause the cheap scammers don’t even provide good quality packaging.
  • Design on the Cover: This matters a lot. Often the design on the fake packaging doesn’t match the real one. The body color, quality of design, and texture don’t match with the real Packwoods product.

    You can find there are cheap and irrelevant designs on the cover. They can even have an unmatching color. If you find these characteristics, it is possible that the product is fake.
  • Cover Text and Model Name: Sometimes in the market, you can find a Packwoods product with some different name that is not even authentic. The typing design may not match the theme. This also gives a sign to the fake Packwoods Product.
  • Quality of Cannabis: After you have opened your Packwoods product and are doubtful about whether this is fake or real. Test the stick properly with your finger. On real products, there will be a rich and premium quality mixture. You won’t find this spec on a fake Packwoods.
  • Quality of Processing: You may see that there is unprocessed leave inside the stuff. There may be found little branches inside, which can destroy the smoking quality for sure.
  • Smell and Quality: In case you are a regular Packwoods taker, you may have a clean conception of the real Packwoods flavor and the fragrance of the fake one is kinda different and less premium.
  • Tobacco fill: To be noted that, inside of the original Packwoods, there should be good quality cannabis or weed with premium grading. If you find badly shaped or deformed tobacco filled inside, that is certainly a sign of being fake.

As you have a clear concept of the fake scenario, have some idea about the real Packwoods.

Product specs:

  • A properly sealed and intact cover.
  • Optional Magnet Opening that makes it feel premium.
  • Cover design is according to the official and authentic theme.
  • The fonts are not mismatched and weird with the theme.
  • Graded and premium quality cannabis or weed inside.
  • Flavor of the stick is not changed from the previous real one you have taken.

Hope you are now clear about the real and fake Packwoods concept. You won’t get puzzled while buying a new one for sure. You have to keep in mind the specs that distinguish between the real and fake ones. Keep in mind that there are controversies about this brand and its products.

So, you should be more careful buying one of these.

There are different models in the market such as delta 8, delta 9 and you may find them from different places. If you can buy one wisely, your Packwoodss are actually worth it. On the other hand, choosing a fake product may ruin the whole user experience.

As a result, being wise while buying the product is highly recommended.

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