Most Popular Betting Types that Beginners Need to Know

Betting has been around for a very long time, but with the emergence of online betting sites, it has become more available and famous than ever before. For new players, sailing through the universe of online betting can be a tad overwhelming, with a broad range of betting kinds to select from. In this article, we will be covering the most famous betting types that new players need to know about. Whether you are looking to bet on sports or indulge in  casino games, understanding these betting kinds will aid you make better choices and grow your probabilities of winning. In addition, we at jeetojackpot India will also give tips on finding the best betting platforms in India, so you can have an enjoyable and safe online betting experience. 


One of the easiest bets to lean is the moneylines bet. You attempt to guess which team or player in a game such as tennis will succeed. You get the sum if you are right. Although, if you turn out to be wrong, you’ll end up losing your bet amount. There is a favourite and outsider in American odds. The preferred are showcased by a three-digit numerical and a minus sign (-) and the losers are showcased by a positive sign (+). The numerical next to the preferred (-) sign tells you how much you are required to bet to win 100. When you bet 100 on a loser, the numerical next to (+) tells you how much you stand to win. 

Point Spread 

Forecasting whether a team will lose or win by a particular amount of points is known as betting the spread. These bets will showcase both conventional American odds as well as an additional numerical denoted by a minus or plus sign. If you bet on a team with the minus sign, they have to win by that many points for you to succeed. The numerical to the right of the plus sign denotes the margin of defeat needed for your team to win the bet. If the underdogs end up winning, your bet will still be paid out. 


Many individuals believe that a few bets are only accessible to experienced sports bettors. But in reality, as long as you take time out to properly comprehend how they function, these three bets can be a ton of fun and are brilliant for players of all levels of skills. We are speaking about teases, pleasers and parlays. 

The parlay is the easiest of these three. A parlay is just a gathering of individual bets merged into one large bet. It might be as small as two individual bets joined together, or as many as the sportsbook permits. You have to win each singular bet on your parlay so you can win your parley. Simple if just one of the bets loses, then the whole bet is also lost. Although, if you do win all of the bets, parlays pay substantially more cash than singular bets because of the tougher nature of scoring a winner. 

A teaser is the complete opposite of a pleaser. All of the betting lines have changed a particular sum of points in your favour. This makes succeeding each singular bet all the more tough, bt teh payments are modified accordingly. It’s tougher to hit a  pleaser, but on times when you do manage to hit it you will be rolling in cash. 

Although this covers a majority of what you are required to know about these types of bets there are some intricacies to be aware of before you completely immerse yourself. You have to understand what happens to ties, how they are settled, and an additional few certain requirements connected to each. 


An under/over bet is one in which the sportsbook sets a sum (number decided by oddsmakers) for a particular statistic. You then predict whether the results will be less or bigger than the figure. It doesn’t matter where the teams playing score points, as long as the total match you predict you win. Under/over bets are also accessible for different other commodities involved in the match. 

Props Bets 

Prop bets are a common term for all other bets that have not been discussed yet in the universe of sports betting. This is short for proposition bets. These are the types of bets that you select whether something will occur. Will a certain player score more than multiple times? In this game, will the middle have more than 4 blocks? Will there be a hole-in-one at the gift tournament that is going to take place. 

There are just some instances of prop bets. If they were talking about actual players, they would use their names but you should get the point that is being made. With these prop bets, you determine if you think something will occur or not and then you bet depending on that. You’ll see various settlement odds on both the no and yes sides of the bet. This is once again depending on how plausible it is to occur and how many bets have already been placed on either side. 

Proposition bets come in numerous sizes and forms. The most crucial variation is among prop bets that are just for fun and prop bets that you can make cash off of. 


Even though all bets are on things that will occur in the future, future bets are particularly crucial for things that will happen in the far future. Future bets can be made of things such as who will triumph in the world series or who will get the MVP prize. 

As more specific about forms and ailments are known, the odds on future bets alter as the events get nearer. One of the best methods to get the absolute best odds is to bet on futures at the start of the season instead of the middle. 

Tip son How to Make the Most Out of these Bets 

Now that we have successfully gained your attention, we would like to offer some helpful tips for making the most of these different bets. We think it’s fantastic that when numerous bettors are revealed to this sort of betting freedom, they might feel happy about the new probabilities. Although, it is possible that the happiness with which they approach their newfound data will cause them to exploit it. 

In light of this, we’ve put together a set of guidelines to help you grow your probabilities of success while placing any of these different wagers.

  • Never bet on something that you don’t completely understand. Our guide elaborates each betting kind clearly, but perhaps you are still confused, let us know, so you can help you find out. 
  • If you have plans to make future bets, then you should know about the liquidity problem. With future bets, you won’t get your winnings until the end of the tournament or season. Which means that your cash will be tied up for the complete duration of the tournament. So, if you’re not entirely comfortable waiting, it’s in your best interest to avoid making future bets. 
  • Keep record of your end results and concentrate on the sorts of bets that actually workout for you. This applies for all sorts of ets, not just certain ones. Make certain to keep a track of all your past failures and successes with each kind of bet. In this way, you can figure out which sort of bets work for you and concentrate your efforts according to that. 
  • If you find joy in making various sorts of bets, then betting with an online sportsbook might be the most suitable choice for you. Online sportsbooks such as jeetojackpot live casino have more choices than conventional betting establishments. This is especially true for prop and specialised bets. 

Selecting the Right Online Betting Site 

Selecting the correct online betting site is important for an enjoyable and secure betting experience. Jeetojackpot is a famous online betting platform that provides a variety of betting choices including jeetojackpot games and jeetojackpot casino. With the jeetojackpot app, you can simply place bets on your preferred sports or play your preferred online casino games from anywhere. Downloading the jeetojackpot app also provides you with accessibility to premium jeetojackpot bonuses, making your betting experience ever more fun and rewarding. So if you are searching for a dependable and user-friendly online betting site, definitely consider giving jeetojackpot a shot. 


What is a moneyline bet? 

  • A moneyline bet is a sort of bet wherein you have to simply select the winner of a match or game. There is no point spread included and the settlement is dependent on the odds of the team that you have picked to win. 

What is an Under/Over bet? 

  • An under/over bet, which is also familiar as  totals bet, is a sort of bet where you bet on if the sum points scored in a game will be under or over a particular number determined by the sportsbook. 

What is a point spread bet? 

  • A point spread bet is a sort of bet where the sportsbook decides a point spread for a game and you bet on if the preferred team will succeed by more than the point spread or if the underdog team will fail by lesser than the point spread. 

What is a parlay bet? 

  • A parlay is a sort of bet where you merge numerous bets into one bet. All the singular bets have to be right for the parley to be successful. Parlay bets provide greater payments than singular bets,but they are also considered riskier. 

What is a live in-play bet? 

  •  A live betting is a sort of bet wherein you can place your bets on a match or game while it’s being played. The probabilities for live betting switch in actual-time depending on the present score and other related factors, providing distinctive betting chances for those who enjoy pursuing the game live.

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