Mophie Wireless Charger Blinking? Here is the Solution

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Mophie wireless chargers were said to charge your iPhone devices significantly faster (Around 50%) with it’s fast charging technologies. This one is listed as one of the most efficient wireless chargers around. But not any of the electronic devices can be completely faultless. Or in the long run, they will catch minor or major problems apparently.

Mophie Wireless Charger Blinking

Mophie Wireless Charger-BlinkingSimilarly, with Mophie Wireless Chargers, A number of users are facing problems with their charger blinking. To fix the issue, you gotta know the reason and take steps accordingly. Jumping into the session:

Faulty Adapter:

Mophie Wireless Charger-Faulty AdapterMostly when the adapter is not producing sufficient voltage, the charger starts blinking because of charging disruption. Even so many times users use third party adapters which don’t reach the minimum requirement. So, incompatible adapters don’t give service for so long. Even if it’s fine at first, becomes troublesome in a very few days. So, it is always better to use authentic products. It is recommended to check the output level of the adapter if it matches the requirement of your Mophie Wireless charger or not. For your best solution “Use the in box adapter you get” And if that’s broken somehow, try having a newer one with the output of 19 V, 1.3 amp.

Power Source or Outlet:

Sometimes the power supply depends on the main outlets. The source where you have connected the adapter or brick. Mainly when the main power source is producing lower voltage or insufficient power supply, the charge gets disrupted and the charger starts blinking. Now, what can you do is, try charging with another outlet. If the problem is fixed then be sure that the trouble is in the outlet. Now just get the new outlet or fix the previous one. That’s it, not anymore, your mophie will blink.

Charging Cable:

Mophie Wireless Charger-Charging CableCables always play a vital role as it is the bridge between the electricity supplier and receiver. When the cable is damaged, it can not serve you enough current flow. This makes disruption in charging and the LED starts Blinking. What you need to do is just check if the cable is okay or not. If not, try to replace that cable part. Sometimes there are problems such as not getting enough voltage through the cable, and that is making the LED blink. In case the cable is been stretched or bent for a long time, The cable can be damaged internally. Damaged cores can not supply enough voltage. And blinking happens for lower voltage supplies.

Rugged Case or Thick Cover:

Mophie Wireless Charger-Thick CoverIf your phone is attached with a rugged case or thick cover, it would be tough for your charger to get interaction with the phone’s charging surface properly. There is a number of rugged cases in the market right now for example Otterbox, UAG, UAG Plyo, Poetic, Poetic Spartan, Supcase.

Not all of those support wireless charging. While you put the phone on it, it can not directly come in touch with the charging surface. As a result, the LED starts blinking. Troubleshooting to this problem is,

  • Remove the case and check if it charges and the blinking stops.
  • Or get a better case that supports wireless charging.

This will fix your mophie blinking.


Mophie Wireless Charger-EMFElectro Magnetic Field (EMF) creates disruption in charging, as a result, your charger starts blinking. Basically, the electro magnetic field creates an active surface around your charger and charging arena. This makes your device charge slow and sometimes charging may get disrupted. And the LED starts blinking.

What you can do is, just remove your electronic active devices which can make electro magnetic field from your charger. That’s it.


Mophie Wireless Charger-NFCThough it is an essential feature, It can make issues with charging in some cases. Let me tell you how! Likely as EMF, this creates an active field around the device. And because of this active field, wireless charging gets slowed down, the voltage you get regularly get, starts to decrease. This is when the wireless charger starts blinking. Better turn off NFC, or take your device and charger to an isolated place. This will stop NFC interaction in your charging and the blinking or your charger will stop.


Mophie Wireless Charger-DisruptionWe find users who don’t even clean the dust over the charging surface. This continues for a long period of time and you will find a comparatively thick layer of dust. It seems to be nothing but day by day it starts decreasing the voltage and charging flow. At a certain point, your charger doesn’t distribute charge anymore and the LED starts blinking. This is a very common issue if you use the charger around your window or somewhere at the open table. Just

  • Turn off the power supply or simply unplug it.
  • Take a paper towel or soft cloth.
  • If possible, dip the towel into 99% Alcohol solution.
  • Clean the whole surface gently.
  • Try not to over overflow alcohol.
  • Avoid using water to clean the surface.

Mobile Phone Placement:

Mophie Wireless Charger-Mobile Phone PlacementIt is one of the most underrated reasons. Users most often don’t take this into concern. They put the phone randomly or sidedly on the charging surface. As a result, the charging arena doesn’t touch the phone properly. This connection lacks terms to voltage downfall or lower electric flow. And then the LED starts blinking as an indicator of charging disruption. Fixes to this can be, placing the phone gently on the wireless charging surface. Make sure that, the phone’s wireless charging area is touching the charger’s surface and there is not any kind of disruption between them. Hopefully, this will keep a stable charging flow, and not any blinking would happen again.

Basically, each and every charger faces a problem when you don’t connect that properly. Loose connection, misplacing may create spark, heat and occur slow charging. Just the same for wireless chargers. When you don’t place the phone in the exact place, time by time the charger and even the phone get overheat. Overheat damages phone, battery and charging speed becomes slow. Slow charging triggers LED to notify you about charging interruption and you see your Mophie blinking.

And after all these steps and troubleshoots, if the blinking hasn’t yet stopped. Take your charger to authentic customer care if the Warranty is still available. If the warranty is already void, still taking to an authentic service center is highly recommended. Hopefully, this can fix your troubles.

And finally, in conclusion, wireless charging can be interrupted in many ways and the LEDs indicate charging troubles or instabilities. It is highly recommended to use authentic cables, bricks, outlets, using the device gently as well. Again, no electronic device is permanent. If your Mophie Wireless charger is blinking for no reason and it is too older. Try getting a new one.


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