Juul Blinking Green

You are asking about Juul blinking issues, which means you are a user of this convenient vape device. Also, you are curious and don’t know about these blinking and the reasons behind them.

In fact, any irregular behavior from your new device is unexpected. Having malfunction and error notifications from older devices is common, but never expected.

But it is always a good practice to know the signs of your device. It leads you to a hassle-free user experience.

So, let’s jump into the main discussion.

JUUL Blinking Green Means

JUUL Blinking Green Means
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Not all the time you see blinking in your Juul device is a malfunction or error. Just like green blinking in Juul means the device has a full or moderately full battery.

Another possible reason behind your Juul is blinking green can be twice tap on it, which enables battery check and it blinks green,

So, clearing the two reasons behind your Juul may blink green;

  • Battery level full or almost full.
  • Tapping twice.

When it Blinks Green?

When it Blinks Green?
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Let us explain Juuls green lite pulse functionalities. These are never any kind of error notifications. Green blinking is most of the time a good and functional sign from your device.

The green blinking of Juul is generally battery based sign. In almost every battery run device, there should be a way by which a user can check the battery level.

Not different from the Juul vape carts. When you tap the device twice, it enables its battery checking function. It is just for letting you know how much battery is left in the device and how long you can go with it.

So, there is no reason to be anxious if you have triggered the function. If you have tapped it twice mistakenly, easy! It will be normal soon. The blinking is somehow a good sign here.

In another case, you can find the device blinks green while the battery charging means it is full or almost full.

So, directly or indirectly this is also a battery indicator, in a good way.

Is Juul Blinking a Problem or Not?

Is Juul Blinking a Problem or Not?
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Well! A device starts blinking for notifying you of something. But that doesn’t mean, it has to be some error or malfunction notification. Maybe some usual and generalized information is being notified by the blinking sign.

So, making a clear assumption about, not every blinking sign is an error sign.

You are a Juul dab device user, so you should have seen green blinking so many times. Because, in regular use, you gotta see this every now and then. Every time you check the battery of your Juul device, the device will be blinking green to indicate the battery level.

Also, you can find green blinking while the device is charging. When you put the device into the charging dock, it will show red blinking until the battery crosses 50 percent.

As soon as it crosses 50 percent, it will be showing green blinking to indicate that the battery is full or almost full.

So, this is clear, the Green flashing of your Juul Vape Device is not an error sign. It is a regular indication of battery which you may see very regularly. So, it is not a Juul Error Code, and there is no matter to troubleshoot.

How To Troubleshoot Juul Green Blinking, If Becomes Problem?

How To Troubleshoot Juul Green Blinking
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As we have been saying that, Flashing green is not a problem for your Juul device. But sometimes the device may actually get malfunction and the blinking start the way it shouldn’t be.

  • Like some of the users complain that their Juul Vape device is blinking Green Continuously, which is not normal. Actually, the whole device is controlled by a central integrated chip. That goes through heavy pressure if you use the device very frequently. Sometimes automated chips can be in trouble, it shows the wrong signal by being puzzled.

You cannot solve it in manual steps. All you can do is reset your Juul Vape cart.

Simply remove the pod from your Juul Dab, and leave it for 30 seconds minimum. The device will be reset automatically. Also, as you have opened the device, do some cleanup with a paper cloth and then assemble again.

Turn the device on, and the issue will be fixed hopefully.

  • Some users also complain that their Juul is blinking green while charging, even if the charge is very low and Juul is not charging properly.

Firstly, when the battery is very low, it should show red blinking, not the green one. If it is showing green then there is an issue with the device.

Maybe the main circuit is puzzled, which can be solved by resetting it. Or even sometimes the battery capacity gets too low that the battery indication with green blinking goes wrong. In such a situation, you should replace the battery with an authentic vendor. But for this kind of disposable vape like Juul, it is pretty tough to get a new batter.

Getting a new Juul dab pen or replacing it may be the only solution here.

Not attaching a longer conclusion, because you already know enough about how to tackle when Your Juul Device is blinking. Hope you don’t face any critical situations in further use.

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