How To Hit A Cart Without a Battery

Hitting a cart is not that tough, even if you have already lost the charger and battery capacity. Following some DIY steps may give you the solution.

But before we show you the steps, we are gonna drop a short paragraph about why you should need to do that and what else can satisfy you in a similar criterion. So, the question is,


The vape carts, differently known as Cartridges are cannabis-pre-filled vape products. The battery supplies power to the circuit and hardware. When the power is delivered, the oil gets heated and inner vapors turn into gas form.

So, without the battery, it seems pretty impossible to hit the vape normally.

But that’s where we are gonna make a way for you.

There are a bunch of vape users who have

  • Lost their vape charger.
  • Battery capacity went to zero almost.
  • Charging port is partially or completely damaged.
  • The device caught a battery connection issue.

With users who are suffering from these similar issues, we are gonna make troubleshoots which will help them to hit their vape without a battery.

No longer this complex talking, we can assure you that it is gonna be an easy DIY with simple steps.

So, Let’s get started.

You need a few materials to do the steps;

Necessary Materials

You will need,

  • Scissor
  • Knife
  • Wire Stripper
  • Cello Tape
  • USB or Lightening Charger/ Android or Apple charger.
  • Nail Clipper

A quick note is that, sometimes, you may get these tools in a left-alone condition in the home. Don’t worry, still they are precisely usable for the task. If the tools are in good condition, it’s fine, but if it is not, nothing to worry about it, they will work fine.

How To Hit A Cart Without a Battery

Steps to Hit a Vape Cart without its Charger

Warning: You wanna ignite or hit your vape without its charger, but you got to know that, this is literally a risky process. So, you have to go forward with your own safety and risk factors. Also, follow the steps properly without skipping any part. Skipping may lead to a failure with issues and damages to the device and body.

Step 1 – Cut the wire

In the very beginning, take the cable, it can be your unused USB cable or lightning cable. Sometimes we leave android or apple chargers for issues, even when the cable is okay. You can use that.

You need to cut it around 2 to 3 cm from the end, which will reach the USB point of the cart. Use your wire stripper tool for a precise cut-off.

Step 2 – Exposing the Cable

Cutting the cable off, the four main core wires will be revealed to you. There will be a green, a red, a black and a white wire.

Safely remove the white and green wires so that, the other two wires don’t get interrupted. Take the black and white wires out of the cable completely.

Step 3 – Detach the red and black

You can now find that the ends of the red and black wire are connected. And you need to strip them and detach them from each other. The wire stripper will do the duty here. Precisely remove the coating of the wire and expose them.

Step 4 – Finalize Connection

On the bottom of your vape cartridge, you may find a hole. Connect it to the black wire. And then, connect the red wire to the cart’s metallic body.

Next, connect the charger to the power source and you are done.

For some devices, you may not see any instant reaction. But within a few minutes, the cart starts producing vapors being hot.

But the process is easier with some precaution and confusion. Well, so many general users are still confused, if the process is safe or not. What is the risk of hitting your vape without a battery? What precautions should be taken with the steps? Also, what are the steps to hit a wax cartridge without a charger? We are clearing all of these questions right here.

How To Hit A Wax Cartridge Without A Battery?

We have been talking this long about THC and CBD-categorized vape products. But there are more potential vape cart products in the market which are Wax Cartridges.

The basic difference is, THC or CBD carts are filled with marijuana and tree-like weed whereas Wax is a sticky substance. And wax vape carts are sticky concentrated. Though formally said as BHO, wax vapes are pretty much common in their basic name. The liquid looks highly like honey.

So, you can certainly find that the difference between the different types of vapes is literally just in their refill and liquids. As their body structure is indifferent, the process of hitting them would not be much different from each other.

You can easily apply the steps we have already provided above, and it will be done. But for a bit easier steps, you can use your nail clipper in the process too.

Is Hitting Your Vape Without Batter Or Charger Is Safe?

Actually, no device is completely safe when you are operating that with some authorized handles. When your vape cart is damaged, maybe the battery is gone, or the bottom piece of the cart came off on the pressure, or crack in the cart and no trick is working on it.

There are different ways to hit your vape cart without a proper charger or capable battery, tricks are different and their risks are also different.

As your device is peeled off, it doesn’t have a battery capability, and meantime, you are connecting it with third-party wires and non-sealed cables. It may make the product work but there is a certain risk of short circuit if you don’t set it up properly.

A short circuit may damage the device, and also give you a bad experience by burning the coil.

Precautions and Safeties for the Process

  • As you are using without a battery with direct power, there is a high risk of having shock.
  • Sealing the wire connections with cello tape may save you but that is not a permanent solution.
  • Wearing rubber slippers may be effectively active safety gear for you.
  • Also, water can conduct electricity and make situations like electric shocks. So, going with the processes with wet hands should be avoided.
  • Sometimes, Users skip different parts of the steps and procedures. As a result, they set the wrong wires in places which may create no hitting and sometimes fire and sparks.
  • Also, one last thing you need to remember is that, there are different tricks on the internet, about how you can hit your vape without a charger, battery or without pen and so many weird assumptions. Not all of those are properly tested and abided by safety cautions. You may find these kinda tricks like how to make wires for carts, how to smoke cracked cartridges etc. But there is not so many reliable tricks about how to hot wire the cartridge. You may find them useful completely or partially, but they can be risky sometimes.

Now, in conclusion, take a few words in concern, hitting your dab pen without a charger is tricky, but you have to assure safety first. Using a USB, android or iPhone charger will help you but you should be aware of the quality situation of the cable.

This is an alternative process, so it is never the primary recommendation for any user. But when it is the rock bottom situation, you need to do something, you can try out the process after reading it all. It won’t be damaging for you or your cartridge.

But we still warn you repeatedly to read from top to bottom properly so that you don’t miss any step. Any single step missing may make larger risk factors. So, reading the page carefully is highly recommended for hitting your vape without a battery.

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