How to get algae out of pool without a vacuum [Answered]

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How to Get Algae Out of Pool Without a Vacuum-IntroIn comparison to dirt and dust, algae are worst. Wherever there is unclean water, algae grows. And in no time, it spreads all over your pool affecting the entire water along with the surroundings. And if you are a clean-freak, you will surely want to see clean water when you visit the pool. The best way to keep it clean is to use a vacuum cleaner for the pool.

However, vacuum cleaners are expensive. On the other hand, vacuum cleaners usually clean the pool in a random motion. So, to keep every inch free for algae, you can also try some other products that can keep your pool hygienic.

Here, we have come up with the two best ideas on how to get algae out of a pool without a vacuum. All you need to do is check that out.

Before Start The Cleaning Process

When it comes to clean your pool that includes algae, you have to go for some preparation steps so that you are capable of cleaning it properly. Here, some steps are mentioned that you will need to follow before you get your hands on the pool!

Filter Cleaning

Pools that have filters are easier to clean. Every pool on the houses does not include a filtration system. If you have a pool with the filtration system, consider yourself lucky. First of all, you have to certify that the filter of the pool is in perfect condition. Then you have to turn it off and clean it. You can use brushes for cleaning the sides easily.

In the case of too dirty pools, you can take the help of a garden hose. If you think that the water in your pool is clean, you might skip this process of cleaning the pool.

Stagnant Water

You can also see algae in the stagnant water. And if you do not use a vacuum but still want to keep your pool clean, you have to ensure the proper water circulation. If there is proper circulation, it can easily reduce the number of algae.

If you ever see that the pump is clogged, you should understand that there are algae. Here, get your hands on the skimmers. Pump strainers are amazing in this case. If you can afford them a good wash, it would be the best decision to go for! Also, you can go for cleaning the sand filters regularly.

Wall-sides and Ladders

If you want the easiest way for cleaning algae, brush your pool. The sidewalls of the pools usually are attacked by the algae. On the other hand, the steps or the ladders are not safe too. Go for a brush that includes a telescopic pole.

Pool Water Test

When it comes to cleaning the pool, you will surely need treatment for the process. In this case, it is better that you do a quick pool water test to make sure if everything is alright or not.

While testing, you need to test the alkalinity levels along with the Ph level of the water. If the Ph level is balanced, the chemicals you are going to use in the future will work better.

How to Get Algae Out of Pool Without a Vacuum

How to Get Algae Out of Pool Without a Vacuum

Method 1: Potential Algaecide

Potential AlgaecideVacuum cleaners are best when it comes to cleaning the pool. But if you cannot afford it or you don’t want to, you can rely on this method. There is potential algaecide that is effective on algae.

If you want to keep the pool always clean, you can try this every weak!

Step 1: Start the Pump

Before you start applying the chemicals in your pool, you have to get your hands on the main switch of the pool pump. Switch the pool on first. The pool pump is capable of making the water of the pool circulate. As a result, whatever chemical you use works better.

Step 2: Pour the Chemical

Now that your pool is completely ready for the algaecide, you have to start the process. All you need to do is take the algaecide and put it into the pool water. Here, the amount of the chemical is necessary. For 20,000 gallons of water, you will need 32 ounces of algaecide!

Step 3: Run the Filter

All you have to do is let the filter run and let algaecide do its work. If you want the best result, you should let the filter run for 14-24 hours so that the whole pool is cleaned properly!

Method 2: Shock Product

Shock ProductIf you think that a vacuum cleaner is too expensive for you and you want a cheap cleaning method, you can rely on this method. If you don’t know how to get algae out of the pool with a vacuum using an easy method, try this one!

Required Equipment

  • Bucket
  • Hand gloves
  • Eye wear
  • Calcium Hypochlorite pool shock

Step by Step Process of using Shock Product

  • Take the eye wear along with the hand gloves. Wear it so that your eyes and hands stay safe during the process of using the shock product.
  • Take a bucket and take 5 gallons of water in the bucket. Make sure that the water is at normal temperature and condition.
  • In the bucket of water, you have to add a pound of shock. With the help of a long spoon, make sure that the mixture is perfectly mixed.
  • Now, you have to take a tour of the affected areas. There, you will need to apply the mixture directly. In some places, you might see visible algae growth. In that case, you have to apply a dual dose of the mixture. The shock will help in rising chlorine. And so, it can easily kill the algae and reduce its growth.
  • It is better if you shock your pool when it is night. If you do you, you can easily turn the filter on and let it run for the entire night. Make sure that the runtime is a minimum of 9 hours. The shock will find it easy to mix up with water of the pool if you keep it for a long period. As a result, algae growth will be reduced.

Final Verdict

If you are having complicated weekends dealing with your pool just because you don’t have any vacuum, you can rely on the methods we have mentioned here. Some people still love to clean their pools in traditional methods. And for this, this is going to help!

Also, in comparison to the money you spend on vacuum cleaners, these methods are very much inexpensive and also reliable. Try these and let us know in the comment box how you felt!


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