How to Fix Beats Solo 3 One Side is Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

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Beats Solo 3, a sleek designed foldable on-ear headphone. Running on Apple W1 chip and the device costs around 200$. How does it feel when you are using the finest device like it and having issues of “One side not working?” Not emphasizing much, Straight jumping into the troubleshooting session.

Several reasons are capable of making your Headphones sound partial. For example, faulty internal wires or a faulty speaker.

First thing is to Diagnose the problem. It may be from Hardware or Software based bugs, even a very minor fault.

How to Fix Beats Solo 3 One Side is Not Working

Beats Solo 3 one side is Not Working

There are maybe some minor adjustments or software issues like-

  • Change the Player, If needed. Players are highly configurable nowadays. Speaker channel swapping or balancing bugs sometimes create the problem of partial sounding. What you can do is just Use a new music player. If there is no issue now, then your Beats Solo 3 is working completely fine.
  • Update Audio Drivers and Configure Settings. Drivers are important to operate the hardware. When you are using a new headphone, the driver software needs to know it’s configuration. So that it can run the headphone properly. In case, the Beats solo series are newly updated headphones but your drivers are too outdated. The driver will not detect it and create some malfunctioning issues. It is so easy to sound one-sided in that situation. So, Update your audio driver regularly. And configure it according to the device specs.
  • Make Sure The Balance Bar is At the Middle. Most of us know how the balance bar works. If it’s completely on the left or right, it is going to mute the other side of your headphone. So, keep an eye on it.
  • Still Remains Same? Though Beats solo 3 is a wireless headphone, Connect it with an AUX cable. Check the sound. If it is not partial, then it doesn’t have any hardware issue. The problem is in software or drivers. Which is very minor. But if the one-sided sound remains, go for the steps we are explaining below.

You have to try some tests and analyze if the speaker is damaged or some problem with internal wires and connectors.

The simplest test you can do is, remove both speakers and swap them. If you see now the nonworking side is working then it won’t need a replacement.

But if the side is still not working after swapping the sides. It is sure that the speaker hardware is damaged. And you have to get a new one to replace it.

So now, how do you replace the speaker? Let’s remove it first.

Beats Solo 3 one side troubleshooting

You will need 5 core Wires, Pry Tool, Earpad Tape, Small Screwdriver (Same as the device holds), and Small Flat Edge Screwdriver.

  • Use the pry tool between the foam and headphone structure. Pry it up gently. Do not hurry or over force. The earpad will come off in a while.
  • There are three screws holding the speaker. Remove them with a screwdriver from the housing place. Be careful again about not giving extra pressure. Because two sensitive wires are connected to the housing. If you rip them off, it will be highly complex to put them together again. Another thing, Keep the screws in a safe place so that you don’t lose them.
  • Loosen the wires. Opening the frame and screws, there are two wires attached with glue. Loosen them using soldering iron. After it is loosened, detach them from the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Again do not give too much pressure. That may crack the board.
  • Apart from the Inside and Outside Panel. This time you will need a thinner pry tool. Like previously apply the pry tool between the panels. Open the clasps by applying slight pressure. Importantly, Those clasps were holding those two panels together.
  • Now it’s time to pull the wire out. You will find tape holding the wires together. Separate them carefully by removing the tape. Now with the Small Flat screwdriver remove the clip of the big wire from the PCB. Here, it is important to remember the order and placement of the wires. Interchanging may occur damage to the circuit. And keeping in mind the right order may help you connect the new wire in right place easily.
  • Now Put A New Wire at the place. Obviously according to the previous placement.
  • Use a small screwdriver and push it into the wire hole. Squeeze or put some pressure and widen the wire hole a little bit. This will control any of the wires that are excess in size and was coming out. Also, you can put them back together in the gap.
  • Now it is time to put the wire into the speaker. Get some new wires (Consist of 5 cables) of good quality. Here, quality testing is an important and complex term. If you are a tech dude then it’s easier for you. But in the case of general mass people, Try getting authentic wires that match the temper and quality grading of the built-in wires. It is recommended to check those values on the body of the wire. Whatever, If you have got one, slide the wires into the hole that you have worked on just now.
  • Then it is time for Soldering the speaker again. You better google your speaker model’s chipset and wiring algorithm. You will find how the wires are placed while manufacturing. The board is called AUX PCB. Assemble the wires in the right order and solder them. First solder the red one, then the blue and black one in the last, and then shrink a wrap of isolating coatings. Then comes the green wire and the copper colored one in the last. The rest two wires will be attached to the backside. First the red one and then the blue. The last two wires are AUX (Auxiliary Port) connectors.
  • Time for the Test Run. As everything is connected in proper places. Give the headphone power supply. Boot it up. Pair it with Bluetooth and check out if everything is okay or not. Basically, at this point, no more issues would be found.

Also, try the AUX port with an AUX cable. Hear the sound properly from both channels. If there is no inconvenience anymore, You are done successfully.

  • As we can see, no more troubles are visible, This is time to reassemble the headphone back in place. Line up the outside panel. The best way to target is to align with the hinge first. Give some small pressure and the panel and foam will sit at their place.

Beats Solo 3 is Not Working

You need to be cautious about two things, Firstly you can put your headphone powered on while assembling. The reason is, this will give a clear idea that it is still working perfectly or not.

Secondly, after a few snaps, do some ups and downs of the length adjuster. It must be smooth while pulling out or pressing in.

Once you have put the housing in its’s place, Put the 3 screws in the holes. Remove all kinds of old tapes and put stick new ones. And in the end, align the earpad with the seam, Sticking it to the speaker housing.

Hopefully, this is it. Your Beats Solo 3 Will work completely fine now. The sound will be rising from both sides with appropriate delivering frequencies.

Finally, In case it isn’t fixed yet, You have to take your Headphone to Beats authorized service center and replace or fix your unit. A general user is surely not skilled enough to troubleshoot more complex issues.

An authentic service center or a specialist is highly recommended for your Beats Solo 3 and similar Beats Series Headphones.

Video: Tutorial How To Repair Replace Beats Solo 3 Wireless Right Side Blown Speaker Disassembly (Credit: Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

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