How To Charge Juul Without Charger

E-Cigarettes are taking over the market with an increasing level of demand. And with this famous segment, the name of the brand Juul is significantly popular.

A large scale of customers of Juul is interested about how to charge your Juul device without its charger.

Basically, if you are a Juul E-cigarette user, you already know that carrying the native dock of Juul is never handy, it can be lost and misplaced every now and then. For most users, the charging pod of your Juul device is tough to take while traveling and never usable as a universal charger.

How To Charge Juul Without Charger

How To Charge Juul Without Charger

There are a few alternative ways to charge your Juul without a charger, and we will be discussing the most functional and risk-free ones in random order.

Simply you can find some different ways but the most secure one is trying with a USB or iPhone Charger.

Making DIY Charger Usable on Your Juul

  • Step 1: Take a USB charging cable or Lightning cable from the iPhone charger which is usable.
  • Step-2: You need a Wire Cutter here. With the wire cutter, cut the end of the USB cord or your Lightning cable (iPhone Charger). Do not put extra pressure so that the core of the cable gets damaged. The inner side or core of the USB/Lightning cable must remain intact.
  • Step-3: Next you need to expose the wires. For both of the cables, cut it down at least about 2 to 3 inches down. The purpose is to open the wires up, so that, the connection can be made secure.
  • Step-4: While cutting the cable down, must assure that the wires are clear from any isolation. Because these wires are gonna be connected as the charger with your Juul E-Cigarette. If you let some plastic and isolating material leave as the coating, it may affect the voltage and charging speed of the device.
  • Step-5: After you find the wires, find out the red and black wires. Basically, there will be more than two inside of the coating. Because in USB there remain at least three cables and on lightning 4 cable remains. So, eventually, you need to side up the unnecessary wires so that while connecting the confusion doesn’t come. Also, for safety, the other wires should be sealed separately with electrical tapes.
  • Step-6: Cut the plastic isolations around the wires. Most often about 0.5 to 1 inch is enough to cut down and open the wires. Make sure the wire is clearly exposed. Also, do not cut the wires with the cover. That may affect the voltage in the charging process.
  • Step-7: After step 6 you need to twist those wires properly for a strict connection. And then almost the process is ready.
  • Step-8: Place your Juul as it will flash light while charging at the time it is facing up. Now connect the black and red wires through the outer-sided golden charger slots of your Juul device. Once it is connected properly, you can plug the charger into the electric outlet and start charging. The flashing of Juul lights are the confirmation about charging.

Safety: On the very first step, do never try to cut the cable while it is plugged in. This may give you a serious electric shock. Though that is DC current, attaching the negative side with the positive may create spark and damage severely. If you look at step 8, assure that the connections are properly secured. If not, it may create spark and damage the device. Sometimes the users connect wrong wire with the wrong position. This is extremely dangerous. No matter how is the electricity flow, it may damage your device and sometimes you either.

Now let’s talk about some good and bad sides along with other charging techniques you may find on the internet.

  • On different forums, there are different capable formulas generated by users and posted. But not all of those are without fault.
  • All of those are not properly tested, so, you don’t know whether the processes may damage your Juul device in the long term or not.
  • Some techniques like fork and spoon, can be dangerous sometimes because the whole electric receiver and flow are exposed here. That is never expected.
  • Some of the techniques you may find, which is way easier. They are charging the device but the charging speed is very slow. So, there is a lack in electric flow and voltage

The fact is, you are literally using a non-tested technique that is never sustainable. For every product, authentic accessories are highly recommended. But as for Juul E-cigarettes, the charging dock has some casualties, you can create a DIY charger for any model of your Juul. But in that case, you always have to keep in mind that, the charging is obviously an unauthorized third-party technique. This may be usable but not always suitable. Sometimes even damaging to the device itself.

So, using these techniques and Charging your Juul without a charger with proper precaution and safety is highly recommended.

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