Everything You Need to Know About Preroll Tubes

Preroll tubes are a convenient way to save your joints and blunts for later. They’re easy to open for adults and have a seal that keeps air out and odor in.

They can be made from plastic or glass and come in various colors and styles. They’re also child-resistant and tamper-evident.


There are many preroll containers, from simple cigarette boxes to child-resistant sliding boxes. However, the preroll tube is industry standard and has become the preferred packaging option for dispensaries and brands. Preroll tubes are odor-proof and airtight, making them ideal for storing prerolls.

Plastic pre-roll tubes are available in 70mm, 78mm, 90mm, 94mm, 95mm, 98mm, and 116mm sizes to accommodate all joint styles. They are available in various colors and can be customized with tamper-evident labels and graphics.

Child-resistant preroll tubes are made from thick, durable plastic and have a push-and-turn lid that requires some strength to open. The lid is also textured with ridges to provide extra grip and instructions. They are resealable, smell-proof, and waterproof. Some are even UV-resistant. If you choose a plastic preroll tube, ensure it has been certified as child-resistant by testing with 100 children. The best plastic preroll tubes are made from food-grade polypropylene. It is also important to note that a preroll tube that does not have a child-resistant seal or cap will not be compliant in states that require them.


Many states require that weed packaging be tamper-evident. This is achieved with a mechanism built into the lid. The pop-top tubes from Custom Cones USA feature a living hinge that can be opened and closed over 100 times, making them tamper-resistant and child-proof. They are also water, airtight, and smell-proof, a necessity for cannabis products.

Adding a tamper-evident seal to preroll tubes is simple and easy. Tamper-evident shrink bands are clear plastic bands that go around the tube’s lid and are shrunk so that the only way to open the container is to rip the band off. These are commonly used in food and beverage packaging but have become a staple in the cannabis industry as well.

Another option for tamper-evident preroll tubes is a paper sticker applied to the container, which must be removed before the tube can be opened. These stickers are a bit more subtle but still offer consumers the peace of mind that their product has not been compromised.


While various packaging options exist for prerolls, tubes are the industry standard. They are cylindrical containers uniquely engineered to sell, preserve, seal, and make preroll transport simple and safe. They are available in various patterns, styles, sizes, and materials. They are affordable, easy to find, and highly customizable.

Depending on the lid or cap, some preroll tubes are child-resistant. Some have a push-and-turn screw top, while others have a cork top that requires muscular strength to open. In addition to the push and turn lids, some have ridges on the top with instructions for opening.

There are also tamper-evident preroll tubes with a clear band or sticker over the lid or cap. If a person attempts to remove the band, it will become instantly evident that someone tried to tamper with the product.


If you’re looking for a durable way to package your prerolls, look no further than the preroll tube. These cylindrical containers are designed to protect your prerolls from being crushed during transportation and make it easy for customers to access them. Plus, they’re an excellent option for businesses offering customers a high-quality smoking experience.

These tubes are available in various colors and sizes to accommodate the different lengths of prerolls. For example, the 98mm preroll tubes are ideal for packaging smaller joints, while the 116mm preroll tubes are perfect for larger prerolls. If you’re in a state that requires child-resistant packaging, you can also purchase these tubes with an easy-to-open lid that is child-resistant.

In addition, the preroll tubes can be adorned with custom labels that reflect your branding. This is a great way to attract attention and help your brand stand out. And because most consumers are drawn to attractive, professional-looking products, preroll tubes can be a big selling point for your business.

Easy to Open

Preroll Tubes are child-resistant and easy for adults to open. They are perfect for storing your products in a cool, dark place until they’re ready to be used. These tubes have a plug seal that prevents air and smell from getting into the product until it’s opened. They are also great for packaging and shipping your products to customers.

These plastic preroll tubes are often called pop-top tubes because they have a mechanism that allows the lid to “pop” open when squeezed. They are made of thick polypropylene, which is a sound moisture barrier. Some are also certified child-resistant by ASTM standards, so checking the label before purchasing is essential. They have a push-and-turn lid that is hard for children to open and a tamper-evident band that is molded into the lid. These preroll tubes are available in transparent and opaque finishes and can be customized with branded labels. They’re a good choice for cannabis retailers, as they comply with many compliance regulations. You can even have a full-color design on the lid, making your prerolls stand out.

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