How to Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your Fireplace Surround

Your fireplace tiling says a lot about your home design. When choosing the perfect tiles for your hearth, consider color, pattern, and texture.

The options are endless, whether for a sleek modern look or something more vintage. Our experienced store associates can help you find the tile that suits your design style.

Brick-Look Tile

Classic tiles for your fireplace surround, like brick-look tile, can help freshen up the surround and hearth of a fireplace while adding a touch of warmth to a room. When used sparingly with the right decor, it can elevate a space. Whether you opt for a dark earthy red or a light sandy color, this option works well with many design styles.

Using tiles with high variation in glaze can add even more interest to your look. These square tan tiles with a speckled appearance truly stand out against the shiplap walls in this space.

If you want a more modern look, glass tile is a great option. This material reflects light beautifully and can create a stunning statement piece that pops. Glass tile can also work well with various design styles, from contemporary to rustic.

Porcelain tile is another excellent choice for tiling around your fireplace. This material is fire-resistant and can withstand the temperatures of a fire while still providing a timeless, beautiful finish. If you opt for porcelain tile, consult a flooring professional to ensure your tile can withstand the heat levels of your fire. Sticker, plastic, or vinyl tiles should never be used for a fireplace surround as they can be flammable and pose a safety risk.

Glass Tile

As the focal point of a room, fireplace walls have the potential to tell your story and elevate a space. But before you choose the right tile, it’s important to ensure the tiles are rated for use around a fire and meet your building standards.

Generally speaking, tile that can be used in a fire surround must have a high heat rating and be non-combustible. Tiles that meet these requirements include ceramic, porcelain, and many natural stone options like granite, slate, marble, and onyx. These materials will complement a contemporary or modern home and are also ideal for homes with a Craftsman style or a farmhouse feel.

Another popular option is glass tile, which reflects light to create an eye-catching design. Glass tiles are available in various colors, so homeowners can find the perfect hue to match their space.

For a more understated look, consider choosing neutral-tone tiles that blend in with the surrounding wood and mantle. Or, go bold and use a dark blue or grey to add an energetic feel to the fireplace.

Tile shape is also important when selecting suitable tiles for your fireplace surround. For a modern geometric look, try using hexagons or diamonds. Or, try a more traditional look with plank tiles that are longer than a typical rectangular tile and can be installed in horizontal, offset, herringbone, or chevron patterns.

Textured Tile

Fireplaces are a focal point in most homes and deserve a tile design that grabs attention and sets the right mood. Whether you’re going for an authentic period look or something more contemporary, the fireplace surrounds and hearth options are endless.

You can find the perfect tiles for your fireplace surround by selecting a tile color that complements the room’s decor style and playing with textures. For example, a rustic stone-like appearance will suit farmhouse or country design styles, whereas sleek and modern glazed porcelain tile will look great in a contemporary space.

If you opt for flat two-dimensional (2D) tiles like 4″ x 4″ squares or subway tiles, consider framing them with wood trim. You can also add a distinctive flair with art or sculptural tiles. These highly sculpted tiles often incorporate patterns from historic homes or established architectural styles. These tiles can be used sparingly, limited to key locations around the fireplace.

It’s important to dry-fit the first row of tiles (or mosaic tile sheets) before tiling to ensure that they fit correctly and that you’ve made all necessary adjustments for grout and tile cuts. To do this, place the tiles or mosaics with spacers on a piece of plywood representing your tiled wall from left to right and from top to bottom.

Patterned Tile

A tiled fireplace can give your living space visual flair if you’re a pattern fan. But be sure to choose a style that suits your decor and the room’s overall design. Also, when choosing a patterned tile, ensure the tiles are rated for heat and meet fire safety requirements.

A herringbone tile pattern is a popular choice that instantly draws the eye and creates interest. It’s a great choice for elongating a narrow fireplace. For a unique touch, consider using a mix of shapes like hexagons and diamonds for a dynamic pattern.

Opt for a more organic look for stone tiles resembling granite, slate, or marble. These tiles give a natural feel to a room and pair well with wood mantels.

Another option is to create a contrast by choosing a bold tile shade. This can add a vibrant touch to an otherwise neutral living room and make the fireplace a focal point. If you’re going for a rustic feel, a hand-painted tile with a Moroccan motif can give your fireplace an artistic flair. Often, these tiles are painted with wax dry lines to contain the glaze and create a unique, one-of-a-kind finish. However, choosing a monochromatic colorway can also be impactful if you prefer a more subtle look.

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