Abbe Diaz Tells Us Everything

industry author

We asked Abbe Diaz, service industry veteran and author of the infamous blawg/forum PX This, how the former media elite can get jobs working in her world. ASSME: What advice would you give former …

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Product Placement Goes Gaga!

Product Placement

What with all the bulldykery, ripped catsuits and pop genius, “Telephone,” the epic Jonas Akerlund video starring Lady Gaga and Beyonce is such an insane pastiche, it’s hard to keep track of …

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Importance of Vape Cases

Importance of Vape Cases-FI

There have been different confusions amongst vape enthusiasts about the dangers of vaping. People often ask “is vaping safe or not”. And regarding the question of vaping accidents, vape cases …

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Juul Blinking Green

Juul Blinking Green-FI

You are asking about Juul blinking issues, which means you are a user of this convenient vape device. Also, you are curious and don’t know about these blinking and the …

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Vuse Blinking green

Vuse Blinking Green-FI

If you are a new Vuse ePen user and don’t know about the LED blinks, the situation may become confusing. Your device has a LED on its body that blinks …

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