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Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy in 2022 [Reviewed]

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No one can deny the fact that window films have become a necessity. Be it for privacy, sun-protection, or simply for decoration, choosing the ideal window film can be transformative for your home or office space.

So, to help you choose a window film wisely, we have put together this article with every piece of information you need to know before buying the best window film for day and night privacy.

Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy: Top five product comparison

Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy

Feature\brandRabbitgooCotton colorsGilaCoavasHIDBEA
One way/ two wayTwo-wayTwo-wayTwo-wayTwo-wayOne-way (best one-way film)
Privacy4/5 (depending on the design)Up to 5, (depending on the model)5/5 (depending)5/5Excellent privacy during daytime
UV protectionDecent to good protectionDecentDecentGoodModerate

Types of window films:

  • Insulating films: Insulating films are versatile in the aspect that they protect the interior from drastic weather conditions. Be it summer heat or cold, having a weather shield all-year long is a great additional benefit.
  • UV blocking: Glass windows can prevent UV up to 25%. But UV blocking films can resist the harmful UV rays up to 95-99%.
  • Decorative films: Sometimes, the purpose of decoration becomes more significant than to attain privacy. In that case, decorative films are great options for that. The variety of design and patterns are endless. A decorative film can transform the whole look of a space- home, office, or any space.
  • One-way mirror films: These films can be used to create a mirror effect. Sometimes these work as temporary mirrors, or sometimes it can be used as a protective shield from the outside.
  • Glare reduction: A wide level of glare reduction films is available in the market. These films come in great help when the light of a certain direction or angle comes off too bright. This type of film can brush-off the intensity of the sunlight to a certain level, depending on the level of glare reduction the film provides.
  • Dyed films: This film is capable of solar blocking with the help of a special dye. This creates a tinted effect on the window. It also blocks heat through absorption.
  • Metal films: These films create a darkening effect due to the thick layer of metal. These also have heat-blocking capacities. The density and thickness of the metal can vary a lot, depending on the quality or brand or model. These films are long-lasting and stable. They do not lose the heat-blocking capacity very easily. Prices of these can vary due to the process is used to metalize the films.
  • Ceramic films: Ceramic films are the most technologically advanced type of window films. These are popular for their durability and heavy resistance to decay. These are less vulnerable to obscure weather conditions compared to metal films, which can be sensitive to high salt concentration in the air like in the beachside area. Ceramic films also perform much better than metal films in terms of heat blocking since they do not absorb the sunlight lie the metal films.
  • Anti-graffiti: This heavy-duty type of window film is resistant to almost everything. They are acid-proof, paint-proof, scratch-proof, all in all, almost completely damage-proof. This saves the doors and windows from every possible damage and vandalism.
  • Privacy films: These films can come in a variety of choices. Frosted, black-out, textured are the main types. Window films are mostly used to fit the purpose of providing privacy by blocking the view. Some deliver complete opaqueness, while some create a distorted light distribution that makes the interior hazy.
  • Safety and security films: Like most of the other types of films, these films are available in varying degrees to fit various needs. This one is mainly used for the protection of lives and property damage. The 4-millimeter thick sheets of films act as a protective barrier to the glass. This makes the glass hard to penetrate and destroy. Some thick films (8-15 millimeters) can even stand strong against bombings.
  • Spectrally selective films: This type of film is made of several layers of metal or ceramic. These sheets trap the sunlight in between those layers in a way that it bounces back and forth, consequently, making it difficult to pass the heat inside. These are efficient in making the interior heat-proof. The advanced varieties are produced by using a combination of different metal or ceramic. That makes them even more useful by adding more UV and heat protection.

1. Rabbitgoo window privacy film

In our list of the best window film for day and night privacy, Rabbitgoo window privacy film tops the list. This brand offers a variety of films delivering all sorts of performance for every special requirement. Whether your purpose is privacy or decoration or both, you can choose something from their range.


  • Works on flat, clean, and smooth glass surfaces. Not apt for curved glass. Thus, not a good choice for a curved bay window.
  • Static cling film: no glue is required to install this film. That way, doors or windows do not get stained after removing the film.
  • Blocks view: It is a privacy film that makes peeping inside very difficult. It blocks the view; thus, the inside of the house is not visible. This refracts subdued light from outside and creates prism glow across the floor.
  • Variety: Available in 5 different variants which include matte frosted film, black film, 3d decorative patterned, frosted colored film, one-way window film.
  • Privacy level: 3d decorative ones are partially transparent or translucent. Thus, gives 4-star privacy. The rest of the films give full protection, however, for the one-way or mirrored films, curtains are required at night. Since the mirror effect is reversed during the nighttime.
  • UV protection: except for the colorful ones, all the films (frosted, black, decorative, and mirror) provide excellent UV protection.
  • Easy application: all of the films are static adhesive, thus very easy to apply on the window panes.
  • Adjustability: the films are easy to trim off with a box-cutter. So, cutting the films according to the panes is not troublesome.
  • Fun options: the 3d decorative patterns act like prisms and refract rainbow. Besides, the color options are attractive too.

Review Summary: This easy to install window film creates a prismatic pattern on the floors. Makes the interior very beautiful. This also prevents the view from outside, giving full privacy. However, sometimes the inside can be seen from the outside if someone tries to look through the glass very closely. That is why several users recommend not using it on the bathroom windows. otherwise, it is one of the best privacy films in the market.


  • Using too much soapy water while installing may lead the sheets to slip and slide. Use only a spritz in the corners and you will be good to go.
  • Clean the glass surfaces before installing the film.

2. Cottoncolors 3d window film

If you are picky with designs and patterns or want to experiment with some decorative window films, cotton colors are a great brand to choose from. They have a great range of patterns.


  • Variety: Available in 6 patterns- checkered, moon, tulip, bamboo, crisscross, and parrot. Each pattern has different features. So, the privacy level or prismatic effect will differ depending on the pattern you choose.
  • Static cling: The film sticks to the window without glue. Very easy to put on windows or doors.
  • Resizable: Can be trimmed into any size. Thus, great for customizing to any door or window.
  • Privacy level: Top-notch privacy available only on parrot pattern (level 5). Tulip and bamboo stand on level 4, moon, and crisscross on level 3.5 and checkered gives the poorest privacy of all with level 2 out of 5.
  • Rainbow effect: Only tulip and bamboo refract lights in the rainbow.
  • Decoration: Adds a touch of emphasis on plain, mundane space.

Review Summary: This film blocks view from both sides without disrupting the presence of sunlight. This makes everything appear hazy. Does not let the full view to be seen, only the silhouettes. It has a subtle prismatic effect and an ample amount of daylight supply. Although it is not perfect for the windows where you need absolute view-blocking, it is a good window film nonetheless.


  • Follow instructions carefully while installing.

3. Gila privacy black static cling

Gila manufactures another great, easy to install window film in the market. Similar to most other good window privacy film, Gila black static cling delivers good performance that is required from the window privacy films.


  • Ease of handling: Easy to install, remove, and reinstall. Thus, provides hassle-free maintenance.
  • Glare reduction: the film deters the harsh refraction of sunlight from different directions.
  • UV protection: Reduces the fading of the interior furniture by UV protection. Sometimes, refraction of sunlight can make the interiors, furniture, or carpets dull. This film protects the interior from long-term sunlight exposure. Thus, makes the interior of your home or office safe from sun damage.
  • Privacy: Dark film covers the window and provides privacy. this provides complete privacy during the day-time. At night, only the lights and silhouettes are visible from the outside.
  • Limited options: Does not have a variety of designs or colors to choose from.

Review Summary: This film creates a darkening effect that protects complete privacy during the daytime no matter how much light is turned on from inside. During the night, however, it leaves only the darkening effect, not the complete view block.


  • Use a shampoo-water mixture or a solution manufactured by Gila while installing. It makes the film cling to the window easily, as well as to remove it when needed.
  • Leave a little extra inch of the film in a corner while installing. It makes the removal easier afterward.

4. Coavas non-adhesive frosted privacy window film

This frosted film creates a subtle and sophisticated barrier. This film can be best used when the purpose is simply maintaining privacy, not decoration. If your home or office is decorated adequately and doesn’t need to be decorated further, this one is undoubtedly a great option. Besides that, this one is outstanding to last all year round.


  • Easy to resize: can be cut as per necessity. Thus, can be adjusted in various ways.
  • Lasts during all weather: This film lasts through all weather, keeps the interior warm during winter, and provides heat insulation during summer. Thus, it is great for any time of the year.
  • Privacy: the frosted film ensures excellent privacy.
  • UV guards: Reduces glares and protects from UV rays
  • Static-cling: very easy to install and remove.
  • Versatile application: Appropriate for any smooth surfaces on the office, living room, bedroom, balcony, and even bathrooms.

Review Summary: With perfect coverage on the view, this film blurs the window panes effortlessly. At the same time, this allows an ample amount of daylight, without sacrificing the glare control. This product performs just as well as the expensive films on the market, making it an all-rounder privacy window film.

5. HIDBEA one-way window film

If you want to block the unsolicited view from only one-way, this HIDBEA one-way window film is the best option to achieve that. Sometimes, we need to shield the interior view from the outside without sacrificing the facility of exterior view from the inside. This film is appropriate for that.


  • No-glue: Non-adhesive static window film that is very easy to install.
  • Variety in options: Available in 4 colors (black-silver, brown-silver, blue-silver, silver). Also available in many sizes.
  • Different levels of sun-protection: The darker colors provide more sun protection. The black on can block up to 91% of UV rays, brown one up to 89%, blue one up to 87%, and the silver one up to 71%.
  • Best one-way window film.

Review Summary: this perfect one-way film wonderfully protects the interior from the heat. this blocks the view only from outside. thus, it is a great option if you want to have a view of the outside from home and also want to reduce the temperature.

6. Rabbitgoo 3d decorative window film

Among all the Rabbitgoo window films, this one gives the prettiest rainbow reflect patterns. If decoration is the prime concern for your window films, this can be a good choice for that.


  • Privacy: Decent privacy protection, not the absolute best though.
  • Light block: the beautiful patterns provide good sunlight block.
  • UV protection: provides decent UV protection and glare control.

Review Summary: Similar to Rabbitgoo’s most other window privacy films, this film provides decent privacy and quality. It is not completely opaque, but hazy enough to only make the silhouettes and light movements visible. It lasts a long time and delivers superior performance.

7. VELIMAX static cling total blackout window films

This one is another all-rounder privacy window film out there which delivers more or less every basic requirement of a decent window film.


  • Non-adhesive: static-cling films that are very easy to install and reuse.
  • Darkening: Creates room darkening effect.
  • UV protection: Provides UV protection and heat control.
  • Resizable by cutting as per need.
  • Comes in various patterns.
  • Gives top-notch two-way privacy (except for the black solar film variant which gives one-way privacy during daytime.)

Review Summary: This film is perfect for creating a total darkening effect as it rarely lets the light pass through it. Besides, it is a great insulator that cuts down the temperature radically. Thus, very appropriate for extremely hot weather conditions.

8. Artscape magnolia window film

Artscape produces one of the most beautiful and decorative window films in the market. If you are looking for films that serve the purpose of creating an emphasis on tour space, this can be your best choice to make a vivid, picturesque ambiance.


  • The films create a stained-glass
  • Static-cling films, easy to install and remove.
  • Peels off from the corners on direct sunlight.

Review Summary: This multi-colored film is a star to any interior. It brightens up a dull space immediately or acts as a good decoration piece. Does not excel on glare control or sun protection, but the pretty design makes a distraction for the outside onlookers.


  • Best used for decorative purposes. So, install it when you are looking for temporary beautification in your space.

Buying guide for window films

Depending on your requirements and condition, the recommendation for window films may differ a lot. So, here is a quick guideline to make the work more achievable.

  • The prime step, understanding why you want to install window films. Not all films are made to provide the benefit as the others. Window films are usually manufactured to target on or a few prime issues. Once you figure out the purpose that you need to fulfill from the window film, it becomes easy to choose the perfect brand or model of film.
  • If you have multiple targets from the window films, then look out for all the available options that target your concerns. You will find the products that happen to be somewhat of an intersection of those issues.
  • Choosing an insulating model is a good idea if that meets all the prime concerns. These films make the atmosphere of a room much more pleasant all year round.
  • Measure your windows or door panes before buying sheets of film. That way, you can buy an ample amount of product without waste.
  • Most of the window films are resizable by cutting with the help of a box cutter. We prefer films with this feature because it enables almost 100% use of products by reaching all the nooks and crannies of windows.
  • Installing static window films are not difficult if you follow the instructions accordingly and work with patience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How does the film stick to the glass if it is non-adhesive?

Ans: The films are manufactured in a way that it uses static to adhere to the glass surface. However, while installing, a few spritzes of soapy water is needed to retain the static and make the film stick to the surface. You need to get rid of the air bubbles by pushing them to the edge.

Q2. Is it necessary to buy the installation kit that is recommended by the manufacturer?

Ans: It is not necessary to get a separate installation kit as the items can be very easily replaced by the regular household articles. A spray bottle to disperse the soapy water and a manual window wiper will get the job done. You can buy the kit if you feel it is good to have in hand, but you still can achieve a decent application without it.

Q3. Can one-way films block the view even at night?

Ans: Unfortunately, one-way mirror films cannot prevent the view at night as they reflect intense light/ sunlight. During the night, the absence of intense light sources cannot create the same mirror effect, thus, failing to prevent the view from outside.


We choose rabbitgoo window privacy film along with Gila black static cling film for the best window film for day and night privacy. HIDBEA is great for sun and UV protection. Finally, Cottoncolors, rabbitgoo 3d, and Artscape films are best for decoration and creating beautiful prismatic patterns.

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