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Best Gaming Monitors Under 300 for 27 inches

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Similar to any device, you can get a gaming monitor that performs well within a tight budget. Of course, you might need to compromise some outstanding features that you could get from a high-quality solid-performing monitor, but it can be a smart option if you are only a beginner-level gamer and do not need a big-ticket item at the initial stages.

Best Gaming Monitors Under 300 for 27 inches

Best Gaming Monitors Under 300$300-budget is quite tricky if decide to choose on a gaming monitor. Although difficult, it is not impossible whatsoever. Needless to say, that the strict constraint will not cover all the requirements that a top-notch model in the market can do, but the budget monitors will deliver the specific purposes within the limits. That means, they will not certainly be all-rounders or multi-taskers, but they can offer a limited range of promised results.

Some of them are capable of doing various types of tasks, while the other is only best for gaming or watching movies.

So, holistically speaking, the chances of finding a decent-performing, under $300 is not slim at all. Rather, if you look closely and have a clear idea of what you want from your monitor, you will surely find something just right for your requirements.

1. AOC c27g1 curved frameless gaming monitor [#Ad]


  • Resolution: FHD 1080p
  • LCD Type: IPS
  • Variable Refresh Rate: FreeSync
AOC c27g1 curved frameless gaming monitor


27” AOC immersive gaming monitor, 1800r curved monitor (VA panel). It has a 3-sided frameless design with ultra-narrow borders for multi-monitor set-up. The bezel is sleek thus, does not clutter your desk. Besides the thin bezel, the panel itself is simply the screen without any border or frame. So, it is a great fit for anyone who’s looking for a minimalist design that does not take up much space.

The screen is lifted to 130 mm by a triangular stand. This allows the monitor to tilt -4 to 21.5 degrees and up to 34 degrees of swivel adjustments. For even more flexibility, you can mount it on a 100×100 mm VESA compatible stand.

The black and red case adds an edgy look which seems cool for a gaming monitor.

Picture quality

The curved full HD screens deliver an outstanding contrast ratio of 3848:1. The color accuracy is next to perfection and is in sRGB mode with an average delta e 1.03. The sRGB gamut coverage is 95.8% which is quite good.

The colors will appear a bit washed-off if you consider all the products in the market. However, those with the most vivid color pay-off also come with a hefty price tag that is exponentially bigger than this.

In terms of considering a product at a similar price-point, Samsung cfg70 is a close contender for this model of AOC. Although the brightness of Samsung is much superior to the AOC one, the contrast ratio of AOC is much higher as an IPS panel. That gives AOC a bonus point.

However, as of the brightness quotient, AOC falls behind to Samsung cfg70, as the monitor yields a dim light. In RGB mode, the intensity reduces and it goes even further if the room has well-lit ambient lighting. This low emission of brightness ca be a trouble while gaming as it sometimes disintegrates the quality and sometimes objects cannot be seen with such dim light. The brightness of this monitor stands on 250 nits which delivers decent display for a budget monitor.

Motion (Refresh Rating)

The incredible performance that is achievable by this monitor is what makes the model to top in our list. With such a low response time of 1ms and 144hz refresh rate (surprisingly well for a budget-friendly monitor), this delivers the smoothest display with the least amount of distortion. This provides the gamer flicker-free image, producing the least amount of tear and shutter. Besides that, the 144hz limit allows us to play a fast-paced, heavy-duty game effortlessly, which is not easily available in the less expensive monitors.


It has a VGA port, DisplayPort 1.2, and two HDMI 1.4 ports. It does not have any USB or speaker port, but there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack if you to give you a better sound experience.

Additional Features:

  • Flicker-free for extended gaming sessions
  • Brightness 250
  • Satisfying overall experience

Why is it best?

  • Gets almost everything within a budget.
  • The color reproduction is excellent alongside a high contrast ratio.
  • Impressive refresh rate of 144 Hz, FreeSync
  • Smooth and fluid visuals
  • Excellent gaming experience

2. Benq 27 inches IPS monitor [#Ad]


  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • LCD Type: IPS variable
  • Refresh Rate: FreeSync
Benq 27 inches IPS monitor


The build of this BenQ monitor is stylish and minimal. For this reason, it fits a wide variety of decor and taste. It incorporates a smart cable management system that helps to hide the unwanted clutter of wires, which even amps up the look of your space. The surface is coated with a carbon fiber layer that ensures protection against everyday scratches. This is a bonus for long-term uses. Its sculpted base gives a clean look besides adding a volume and buttress. It has ultra-slim bezel design, edge-to-edge panel screen that looks minimal, classy, and suits every atmosphere- home or office.

Although the stand allows it to tilt, but does not allow it to swivel or pivot. However, the monitor features VESA compatibility. For that, it has bold holes on the rear and can be easily distinguishable.

Picture quality:

This monitor comes with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and brightness of 250cd/m2. With the resolution of 1920 x 1080 p, the display looks sharp and neat. The details are clean and crisp, the objects appear well, especially the small ones seem larger thus, giving you a good display overall while gaming.

It has an impressive accuracy of delta e 2.3. The gamut performance of IPS panels can reach 92% of sRGB coverage, which is honestly a little disappointing in terms of pro gaming experience, but it is still quite satisfactory for casual gaming purposes.

The dark and dim sceneries appear lighter in the image due to the contrast ratio. This means the blacks do not look jet-black and dim light area looks a little washed-off. But on the brighter side, the saturation is decent which makes the display more pleasing to the eye if you get past to the underwhelming contrast.

Motion (Refresh Rating):

This does not include ideal gaming features like ULMB or FreeSync. The refresh rate of 60 Hz and 5ms response time can be visible while playing the fast-paced games like call of duty or PUBG. There are some blurs and retention on the pixels that can be noticed once in a while, but they are barely recognizable in glances.


The monitor is quite responsive due to its 5ms response time. No delay or discord was observed in input controls whatsoever. All in all, it performs decently in competitive gaming, though an upgraded model with a higher refresh rate is recommended for better gaming experiences.

Additional Feature:

  • Sleek design that enhances the look of your work/gaming station.
  • Patented eye-care features. Low blue lights, brightness intelligence.
  • Integrated cable management system that smartly covers the cables inside the monitor stand.

Why we picked it?

This gw2780 by BenQ is a good multi-purpose monitor covering the budget constraints and various usage. This is a viable option if you are looking for a decent-performing monitor under budget. It will not cover the technical and intricate tasks like photo editing or heavy-duty gaming, but as per the price and the features it provides, it is a winner.

Another great feature of this monitor is that it does not have irritating light emission. Thus, saving you from eye-strain if you need to be in front of the screen for a long time of the day.

Who should use it?

It is good for people seeking multi-purpose utility from a single monitor. This does not offer top-notch gaming features that are necessary for heavy-duty gaming. So, for a pro gamer, this would be off-putting with limited features and display. But if it is for casual recreational gaming and accomplishing simple day to day tasks, this monitor serves just right within budget.

3. Viewsonic vx247 monitor [#Ad]


  • Resolution: FHD 1080p
  • Refresh Rate: 75 hz
  • LCD Type: TN
  • Variable Refresh Rate: FreeSync
Viewsonic vx247 monitor


The vx247 is a 27-inch monitor that looks high quality. It has an accent of silver over the black plastic frame. The surface is made of glossy plastic which is sensitive to fingerprints all over the body- from the stand to the bezel. So, keeping a washcloth or wipe near the monitor can come in handy.

The bezel does not have height adjustment functions, nor has a horizontal swivel. It can be slightly tilted vertically to be bent in a certain angle to meet the eye-level but is not much help to workaround from the distance if you are looking for that feature while playing games. So, this might need some adjustments to be compatible to your comfort.

The buttons of the monitor feel good and functional. Although some opines that they would be more useful if they would appear on screen, it did not make any noteworthy disturbance to operate smoothly.

Picture quality

The temperature of color comes approximately 6500k and the luminance stands at 120 cd/m2, which results in a balanced picture. The image looks finer if the contrast ratio is knocked down to 1333:1 since the default setting looks too bright and looks incohesive with the black level. And the 0.09 cd/m2 pairs well with 1333:1 contrast ratio to achieve the optimum display.


This monitor delivers the promised 2ms response time which reduces the frequency of ghosting or motion blur that is observed in the fast-moving scenes. This is quite decent as most of the TN panels come in 2ms gtg panels that efficiently cleans up in fast motions. With its advanced setting on the response, it provides even more efficient performance. To be noted that, “standard” mode does not work well at all and the “ultra-fast” mode gives an aggressive look. So, considering overall, the “advanced” mode yields an optimal display.


This monitor offers input for almost every type of connection- HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2, and d-sub as of video connections. A pair of 3.5mm is also available for audio connections. A pair of speakers are also attached to the monitor, though they are not well functioning; which is also common for the other monitor of a similar price point.

The input lag rounds up to 10ms which is great even for top-tier, pricier models. For a budget-friendly model like this, it is a great deal. As per the comfort to most of the users, this monitor can achieve a low input lag by some special adjustments. A special mode labeled “low input lag” has to be enabled as well as the response time has to be set in “standard” mode for that. However, the same result is achievable if you simply set the response time in “advanced” mode. There isn’t much of a difference in either of the setting. As mentioned earlier, the overall lag is easily comparable to an expensive gaming monitor. Thus, even after the slight inconvenience on the adjustments with the response time and input lag, this offers a pleasant performance.

Why we picked it?

  • Control on blue light emission
  • Versatile input ports
  • Promising result on response time and low input lag

Who should use it?

This monitor works great for entry-level gamers to have standard performance. This monitor incorporates blue light filter technology and flicker-free TN panel. All in all, it is a good budget-friendly choice with satisfactory performance.

4. Acer r271 27 inches [#Ad]


  • Resolution: FHD 1080p
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • LCD Type: IPS variable refresh rate: free sync
Acer r271 27 inches


Acer designed this monitor inspired from modern style with extremely slim and narrow bezels. It can be tilt very slightly (between -5 to 15 degrees). It does not come with a VESA mount facility, as a result, it is not much of a flexible design to get the full view from any corner of the room.

It has a coating of matte finish which helps to deflect sunlight as well as not making the body vulnerable to finger-prints.

Picture quality

The brightness of the monitor stands at 250 cd/m2 which is decent and common for a monitor in this budget. The static contrast ratio is 1000:1 which is not quite promising, but accompanied with all the other features and being an IPS panel, it works fine and does not degrade the image quality.

This monitor by Acer delivers decent color with 91% sRGB and 8-bit color support. Although it is not as good as it required for professional photo editing, the colors are vivid, intense, and consistent nonetheless. As the monitor is an IPS panel, the colors appear livelier on its screen than on a TN panel.

It allows 178 degrees viewing angles from both vertical and horizontal aspects. That way, the color of the image does not come distorted from different angles. This is a great feature while watching with a group of people and the view is pleasant to everyone.

A not-so-much-noticeable issue with this monitor is that the PPI (pixel per inch) is rather low (81) for a 27-inch monitor. The pixels might seem visible upon meticulous inspection while looking from a close distance. It is not bothersome if you look at it from a distance. Thus, this would barely hamper a smooth display.

Motion (Refresh Rating)

With an impressive response time of 4ms, this monitor yields a satisfying motion. This reduces the motion blur and tears. Accompanied by the 60 Hz refresh rates, this enables a smooth display while playing a fast-paced game, preventing any disruption in the image quality.


The monitor has an HDMI 1.4, a VGA, a DVI, an audio line-out, and line-in for the 2x2w DTS integrated speakers’ connectivity channels.

Why we picked it?

  • Vibrant colors
  • Smooth performance
  • Full HD resolution

Who should use it?

If your purpose is watching movies and/or console gaming, this monitor is a good choice for pocket-friendly option.

5. Samsung 27 inches cr50 frameless curved gaming monitor [#Ad]


  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hz
  • Variable Refresh Rate: freesync
Samsung 27 inches cr50 frameless curved gaming monitor


The minimalistic, stunning 3-sided frameless display looks appealing and chic. The Y-shaped base gives a modern, sophisticated edge on the look alongside the blue-gray exterior. The curved 1800r screen gives a pleasant view, capturing more focus on the screen.

Picture quality

This monitor has an impressive contrast ratio of 3000:1 that is achieved by the aid of innovative VA panel technology by Samsung. This enables the dark and dim areas to appear sharp and crisp, images look brighter and more vivid than the other.

Motion (Refresh Rating)

It incorporated AMD FreeSync and the refresh rate is decent as per the price goes. This ensures a good refresh time and reducing image tears and stutter at the optimum level, resulting in smooth and display on the fast-paced scenes and no delay in image.


The monitor includes HDMI, d-subs cables.

Why we picked it?

  • Slim design and smart looking
  • Flicker-free technology
  • Game mode adjusts to the screen, providing a detailed view
  • Infuses eye comfort technologies to reduce strain on eyes

Who should use it?

In general, Samsung is a pricier brand than most others in the market. This model in particular fits the criteria of under $300 budget, however, it is one of the weaker models from the line. Considering the image quality and standard performance, this model can be a good choice for gamers who are nit-picky about the picture quality.

6. AOC q3279vwf 32 inches QHD monitor [#Ad]


  • Resolution: 2560x 1440 (wqhd)
  • Refresh Rate: 75 hz (Adaptive-Sync)
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • LCD Type: Panda lc320hu1a


This monitor has a very simplistic design. The bezel is glossy black, the rectangular stand is matte silver. It has pressable buttons on the bottom. Of the bezel that controls the OSD (on-screen display). The stand offers a slight tilt (2 to 21.5 degrees).

Why is it worth stretching the budget?

  • Higher resolution
  • Larger display of 32 inches
  • Crystal clear image
  • VA panel
  • Flicker-free technology
  • Low-blue mode that provides blue light emission
  • Screen division that allows multi-tasking

With exceeding the mentioned budget to a small extent, this AOC model, in particular, is a great performer allowing a greater quality experience for gaming and accomplishing other tasks with the high resolution and big display. Apart from that, this also has a bonus feature of the split-screen which is great for a user requiring multiple tasks to be done together. This is a step-up from the other monitors mentioned here and will be a great accompaniment for someone looking for an upgrade from the current entry-level monitors.

judging the efficiency of all the monitors here, the 32” AOC model is a great deal that you can avail in the limited budget. Still, you got more options to decide on if you need to be under the margin. You can get different results from each of the different options. So, before choosing on the model to buy, think about the purpose and the mode of use you want from your monitor. The variance of priority will be a key factor for what is best suited for you vs. What works great for others.


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