Best External Microphone For Android Phone Reviews in 2022

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Best External Microphone For Android PhoneWith the frequent use and dependency on virtual meetings and sessions, the use of quality headphones and microphones have increased during this pandemic. To meet the daily requirement and conduct the day-to-day work meetings, you must have a fine performing quality microphone by now. In case you are looking for one, follow along for the best external microphone for the android phone so that you can have the best work from home experience.

We will go straight to the product reviews now. If you already what type of mic you are looking for you, rejoice! I have picked the most suitable external mic for android phones from each type. If you have your preferred mic type in your mind, just go to the section and reveal if our choice really eases your requirements. Just click on the type name below and we will bring you to your desired segment.

If you still did not pick your type yet and want to know more about the mic types, I am also there to help you. Click to jump to the Types of microphones segment.

Best External Microphone For Android Phone

Best Shotgun Microphone for Android Phone

As the best Shotgun microphone for android phone out there, we have picked –

Boya by-MMI shotgun microphone [#Ad]

Similar to the other products from this list, this mini shotgun microphone by BOYA is quite affordable.

This microphone is very versatile when it comes to compatibility. You can use it with smartphones, tablets, DSLRs, computers, laptops, and any other gadgets. Besides that, it also has two types of cable compatibility. One is the 3.5 mm TRRS connector that you can use when you need to use it with smartphones, tablets, or computers. And there is another 3.5 mm TRS connector that is compatible with cameras, audio recorders, and many other audio/video recording devices.

The durability of this product is also satisfying. After a user tenure of good two-years, this mic still can function well, nothing too shabby or any signs of poor sound quality.

  • Impressive performance with overall good audio quality
  • Durable; works fine for a long time without much of a quality deviation
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • The quality of the shock mount is not up to the mark compared to the available competitor products in the market. Some of the products have a more flexible shock mount which easier to adjust, compared to the plastic one in BOYA.

Best Handheld Microphone for Android Phone

As the best handheld microphone for android phone out there, we have picked –

Bonaok wireless handheld Bluetooth microphone [#Ad]

One of the best handheld microphones available in the market is this 3 in 1 Bluetooth microphone by bonaok. You can easily connect it with your smartphone, speaker, recorder, and any other compatible devices. Thus, you get multipurpose use from this particular mic.

Besides Bluetooth, you can connect this microphone via a cable which can give you about 10 meters of extended length. This two-way accessibility gives you the ease of connection that you might require on a special occasion. The body has a dull polish handle with multiple switches and buttons for various functions. You can use a micro SD card for an extended storage capacity of up to 32 GB.

And as for the most important part of a microphone- the sound effects, it delivers crisp, clear sound and keeps the quality intact.

  • Cable, and Bluetooth- two-way connection
  • Battery life for up to 4 hours without charging for once
  • Additional memory
  • USB port
  • Decent sound effect, nothing over-the-top fancy

Best Lavalier Microphone for Android Phone

As the best lavalier microphone for android phone out there, we have picked –

Rode Smartlav+ lavalier mic [#Ad]

Undeniably this is one of the most loved lavalier microphones available in the market. With its simplistic lapel mic design and quality, this mic is durable and accessible to most of the demographic. Hence, explains its popularity.

This mic is labeled as an omnidirectional mic, which means it is going to capture sound from every direction. So, if you are aiming to capture the decent sound of the surrounding, this mic will help you to achieve that.

One of the coolest features of this rode Smartlav+ is that it delivers great quality performance compared to its price point. Therefore, it can easily replace any sort of high-end, good quality microphone within a limited budget.

You can use this mic either pinning on yourself or pinning on someone else. If you are using it with a smartphone, you get full mobility while talking or recording. It works great with iOS, as well as it is one of the best external microphones for android. The sound quality allows your perfect setup for taking, interviewing, attending a presentation, recording, or even singing. Even if the mic is pinned with your clothing, you still can get the sound from the person sitting across the table.

  • Natural and crisp sound
  • Low amount of self-noise
  • Compatible with every smartphone
  • Kevlar-reinforced sturdy, durable cable
  • Short cable as it is supposed to be a lapel mic. But if required, you can use an extension cable to reach out for a good length.

Best Dynamic Microphone for Android Phone

As the best Dynamic microphone for android phone out there, we have picked –

Audio Technica ATR 2100x [#AD]

A revamped version of its previous model atr 2100, audio Technica atr 2100x is slightly a better version with its added features.

The main distinguishing feature is that atr 2100x includes a USB-C port whereas its predecessor counterpart had a mini USB port. If you consider a very innovative impact, it is not that much of an upgrade. But when every other device and newer models of the devices are slowly becoming adaptive to the USB-C port, this change on this microphone will turn out quite useful.

This microphone is compatible with external devices. So, you can easily get your computers, smartphones, or camera adjusted to this mic. This has a headphone jack, which is a great advantage when you are testing the mic, preparing, or presenting for something important. This helps you to have a test run and have a better check on how your voice sounds over the device.

  • Good performance considering the price
  • Gives you clean sound, getting rid of the room echo and background noise
  • Travel-friendly, thus great companion while shooting or vlogging outdoors
  • Has a headphone jack that allows you to hear the sound or your voice instantaneously
  • Has a USB-C port
  • The mic stand it comes with is not impressive, feels cheap and poorly made

Best Large diaphragm microphone for android phone

As the best Large diaphragm microphone for android phone out there, we have picked –

MXL 770 condenser mic [#AD]

As per the affordable category, this MXL 770 large-diaphragm condenser mic takes the spot as well as providing decent performance. Besides, it is a multi-purpose condenser microphone that is compatible with various devices.

Similar to a typical condenser mic, mxl 770 uses the power of 48 volts and produces a signal of 150 ohms. It can handle a sound pressure level of 137 dB, which is quite impressive.

Usually, the large-diaphragm mics are well-known for the quality output of vocals. MXL 770 performs best with an input having the range of 5500 Hz to 9000 Hz. Around an input of 8000 Hz, the microphone yields the best result for voice.

  • A great choice for studio use and over instruments like pianos, stringed instruments, and percussion. Also works great for vocal.
  • Low-frequency roll-off gets rid of the unwanted rumbling
  • Has low noise FET preamp with balanced transformer less outputs
  • Very budget-friendly; one of the most inexpensive condenser mics in the market.
  • Not exactly “large” diaphragm as it measures just a little below an inch
  • Not the best performer on the signal to noise ratio with 74 dB, whereas some of the other microphones in the market give you an 82 dB.

Best Small diaphragm microphone for android phone

As the best Dynamic microphone for android phone out there, we have picked –

Apogee Hypemic [#Ad]

This USB condenser mic by apogee has a basic internal structure and analog compression signal chain. Compared to the price, this USB mic is quite a good one for voiceover.

One of the useful features of this mic is that it can simultaneously provide analog compression and also has the option to disable it. Although some argue about the necessity and validity of this, this can be useful for a beginner at recording with a progressive learning curve.

This mic has three settings- shape, squeeze, and smash. The shape gives you the most subtle form of compression. This has the highest frequency, for which it can absorb soft sounds like a human voice. This makes the sound quality top-notch. In squeeze mode, it has a higher compression ratio, giving a blunt edge to the sound. You can tackle this issue by dialing the back gain. This diminishes the intensity of the compressor, giving the sound a nicer texture. The last mode, smash sounds like an added effect. This mode might not be pleasing to the ears, so to adjust it, you can tone the gain setting to low so that it does not sound too odd.

  • Excellent signal with clarity and precise sound
  • Quality tripod and mic stand mount
  • Comes with a pop filter and a carrying case
  • An expensive buy
  • The smash mode is not the most perfect

Types of Microphones and Their Functions

#Shotgun microphone: Also regarded as boom mics, these types of mics are usually built-in 8 to 24-inch long tubes. This tube has several small holes perforated across the side. These mics can be a condenser, or dynamic. Sounds coming from all different directions penetrate through the mic’s diaphragm, and then captures the audio with the ambiance.

Shotgun microphones are effective when you need to pick up the sound directly from the source, and want to reduce the intensity of the surrounding noises. It will ensure you get to pick up the sound you are trying to reach, instead of getting too much noise.

#Handheld microphone: One of the most common types of microphones that we all have seen is that handheld mics, or even commonly known as hand-mic. Wired or non-wired, both the variety is widely used on different occasions and it can be used almost everywhere. From stage performance to television and live interviews, hand-mics are easy and accessible to operate. And based on the purpose, the type of hand-mics, and their functions vary too. Some models are good for interviewing or presenting, while some others are better suited for singing, or performing.

#Lavalier Microphones: Another type of familiar microphone that we see on television shows or in interviews is that lapel or clip mic, which is termed as lavalier microphones. This is one step upgrade from the hand-mics where you do not need to occupy your hands while talking or presenting. Thus, it allows you to keep your hands free when you are demonstrating something side by side talking. So, these mics are especially useful for the especially teachers and instructors all around who are teaching online from home. Besides that, it would also be useful when you are shooting, or vlogging as you go. This microphone helps you to use your hands for vlogging or making videos while you talk with no maintenance for your microphone.

#Dynamic microphones: The perfect use of dynamic microphones can be identified as to make a record and amplify the vocals. This type of microphones is well suited to capture loud noise, thus it is great for music recording and using for the instruments. And here comes the difference between the dynamic and condenser microphones is that the latter variation is a better fit for capturing delicate sounds with a higher frequency. So, if you are looking for a microphone to add to your song recording studio, dynamic mics are suggested for you.

#Large/small diaphragm condenser microphones: With the reference to the previous category, the condenser microphones are a good investment for your podcast, voiceover studio. These mics have a lightweight diaphragm that is set by a fixed plate. The sound waves create pressure and that hits the surface of the diaphragm. This converts into signals and thus sound.

The diaphragm of the mics is usually either 1.27 cm (half an inch) or 2.54 cm (or an inch). This size of the diaphragm distinguishes the difference between a large or small diaphragm.

#Ribbon Microphone: Similar to the condenser mics, a ribbon microphone is also used for capturing voice, sounds, or any instrument. But the downside of this type of mics is that they are not compatible with smartphones and are usually very expensive, to begin with. If you are searching for a mic for multi-purposes and you are just starting in this arena, you are advised to look for something else as this is most appropriate for studio use.

Besides all these aforementioned products, you will find similar microphones that perform almost identical to these. We advise you to look for more similar products. And if you are just getting started, purchasing a versatile microphone will be wise. Investing in a good microphone might result in something great. Not only for work, but it might also help you to explore a new hobby or vocation.


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