Qatar to U.S.: Get lost! is reporting that according to a source, U.S. citizens are being asked to leave Qatar within the week. All because we wouldn’t let one of their diplomats, Mohammed Al-Madadi, spark one up on a plane without making a federal case out of it! (You’d want a ciggie too if you were about to meet a jailed al Qaeda operative.)

That said, allvoices is a website specializing in citizen journalism, so who the hell knows? It seems to be the only outlet with the report at the moment. Also today, the website announced a massive expansion which will involve creating 30 news desks around the world where amateur hacks can get assignments from professional editors. (Where do we sign.)

If it’s real, the breach in U.S. Qatari relations could complicate the War in Afghanistan, as well as that other adventure still going on in Iraq, since U.S. Central Command is based there. Of course, we could always just pick up and move the whole base to Kyrgystan. Oh, wait.

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